When your T-shirt collection is starting to look a bit boring, it’s time to dive back into the market for some apparel that will make you stand out. Fortunately, British brand 11 Degrees is here to solve those problems with their iconic statement tees. Read more about the 11 Degrees T-shirt line here.

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11 Degrees Singapore - The New Street Scene of Urban Menswear

11 Degrees began in 2014 when ‘Gaz’ Beadle, the star of English reality television show, Geordie Shore, decided that the fashion of the menswear on the British high street was too staid for him. Gathering inspiration from styles that he liked, a mix of the punk urban scene and British prep, Gaz Beadle launched 11 Degrees to the popular acclaim of his large fan following and his celebrity friends. The first collection, centred around a tartan theme and focused largely on T-shirts, though by the second collection, Gaz added tropical, floral, and paisley designs. The brand became popular for its iconic quarter panel shirt, consisting of a line bisecting across the chest. As 11 Degrees grew, more items were added to the collection, including 11 Degrees pants, 11 Degrees hoodies and sweatshirts, and 11 Degrees jackets.

11 Degrees T-shirts - A Different Twist Urban Uniform

In our tropical weather, the uniform for the urban male becomes quite obvious. Nine of ten guys you meet in the shopping mall or out under the baking sun in the streets will most likely be wearing T-shirts. It’s light, easy and most importantly, so comfortable. The downside to that, however, is that there is a high chance that everyone ends up looking the same. But the guys who aren’t interested in falling into that trap, the ones who want to set themselves apart from the herd of sheep - those guys wear 11 Degrees t-shirts.

Standing out with Street Style

Before anything else, 11 Degrees is known for their T-shirts. Much can be made of vests, shorts, and hoodies. But for casual wear, nothing stands out as much as a statement T-shirt and if there is something English television personality Gaz Beadle knows how to do, it is standing out. Beadle dresses his celebrity friends in 11 Degrees threads. So if you’re pulling on an 11 Degrees T-shirt, you should do so with the confidence that somewhere out there, big name stars are wearing what you are. Whether it be the understated 11 Degrees Brand Carrier Tee or an 11 Degrees Vintage Floral Band Sub Tee, feel confident with the stretch of high-quality fabric across your shoulders. Want to up your street style? Pair that T-shirt with a 11 Degrees Tri-Star Suede Snapback and some denim.

Experimenting with the Bold Styles of 11 Degrees Singapore T-shirts

The 11 Degrees style is bold and uncompromising. It can be tough to know what to start with. A safe starting bet is with 11 Degrees popular quarter panel T-shirts, like the Reflect T-shirt in Charcoal/Black or the Curved Cut & Sew Tee with the Berry Piping. And once you’re brave enough to start introducing some colour into your wardrobe, go for a Paint Canvas Short Sleeve T-shirt or a Mint Baroque Fade Short Sleeve T-shirt. The T-shirts are as loud as their names imply so be warned: these styles are not for the faint-hearted.