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American luxury brand 2xist is known primarily for their premium underwear line but their swimwear collection carries the same sexy styles for the modern man. To find out more about how 2xist swimwear can spice up your beachside attire, click here.

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Quality Sexy Styles for Men with 2xist Singapore

Luxury brand, 2xist, hails from the global fashion capital of New York where style reigns king. Pronounced ’two-exist’, the brand was founded in 1991 by Gregory Sovell, who now heads up underwear brand C-in2 as creative director. The brand drew attention with their premium 2xist underwear line due to its focus on using high-quality materials to achieve the ultimate comfort, as well as pioneering styles to compliment the male form. As such, 2xist became known as the brand for the man who is confident in his own skin, those who are not afraid to be sexy.

What about 2xist Swimwear Then?

One of the big mistakes when shopping for swimwear is to go in thinking that it is very much the same as underwear. True its shape and look might appear similar, but underwear is something the individual sees in his or her own bedroom. Swimwear is something everyone by the poolside will be scrutinising, whether or not you catch their eye. As such, one should ‘go big or go home’. 2xist carries over the same cuts from its famous underwear line that pays tribute to the attractive male form to their line of swimwear. Naturally, the variety of body shapes means that one type of swim trunks does not suit all. Read the primer below to get a feel for which 2xist will suit you.

Choosing the Appropriate Swimming Attire

If you’ve seen the Ryan Gosling shopping montage from Crazy, Stupid, Love then you are well aware that one should not leave the style of one’s wardrobe up to chance. This includes swimwear shopping. It is too easy to pop into your nearest department store for some swim trunks, but do you want to lie down on the beach looking like some average Joe or do you want to attract some positive attention coming out of the pool? If the latter, then pay attention because 2xist swimwear has some options for you.
Each 2xist swimwear collection includes:
Swim Trunks - This is the safe option; the type of swimwear that most people expect to see on men. They look like regular shorts out of water but you can subvert expectations with some modern prints, like with 2xist’s Cabo Swim Trunk.
Classic Swim Shorts - Swim shorts cover a bit more skin than the swim trunks. They cut off around mid-thigh. Give 2xist’s Retro Ibiza Swim Shorts a try. Those come with a drawcord for comfort and have side entry pockets for whatever trinkets you would like to carry to the beach.
Swim Briefs - Beware; swim briefs are only for the most confident of men because they hide nothing. These briefs come with high-cut legs and a supportive pouch. You’re bound to attract a whistle or two with 2xist’s Retro Rio Swim Briefs.

Dress for the Wet Occasion with 2xist Singapore Swimwear

There is no reason a man should be confined to only one style of swimwear. There are so many holidays near bodies of water, so many poolsides, so many beaches. The same way you don’t wear your work shoes to a wedding dinner, you should vary your swimwear depending on where you’re going. Hit up some sexy, modern swimwear styles from 2exist. If you have it, flaunt it, right?