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The underwear is the most basic necessity of any wardrobe but is so often overlooked. Fix that today with premium underwear from American luxury brand, 2xist. To find out more about 2xist underwear, click here.

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2xist Underwear in Singapore

2xist, oftentimes stylised as 2(x)ist and pronounced as ‘to exist’, is more than just a clever play on lettering. It is the hottest luxury brand of underwear and swimwear to come out of America. Gregory Sovell founded the brand in 1991 in New York City and till this day, the brand operates out of Manhattan, one of the epicentres of global fashion today. Consequently, 2xist fashions reflect the non-stop pace, the constant hustle and bustle that make up the enviable energy that is New York.

Where Function Serves Form

With the underwear game, there was no such thing as one-size-fits-all. One needs to take fit, style, fabric and colour into consideration. At 2xist, style is meant to serve function. As such, all 2xist items are designed to be functional first and stylish second. It is no surprise then that 2xist is a pioneer in the industry of underwear fashion, particularly that of the male underwear. The brand is the first to engineer the Original Contour Pouch, a basic feature which is now added to male underwear everywhere. But no one does it better than the original makers.

Reconsidering the Underwear

The importance of good underwear should not be underestimated. It is your first line of defence against the world, your most intimate armour. Get that one wrong and you can spoil the line of your clothes, affect the way you walk, and change how the world perceives you. If you think this is an exaggeration, then clearly you have not tried on a truly phenomenal pair of underwear. Clearly, you need to figure out what it is 2xist.

Picking out the Right 2xist Singapore Underwear

Here are some viable options for you to start with.
The confident woman should check out 2xist panties, such as the low-rise Retro Cotton Boy Brief, made 100% of pure cotton, or the Seamless Bikini Brief for a smooth line under form-fitting clothes. The most daring woman could try 2xist thongs, like the Laser Cut Thong, which comes in versatile colours like nude and black, or more exciting colours like beach stripe-white and lemon tonic. Or perhaps the No-Show Thong made with super-soft Modal that will feel heavenly on your skin.
For men looking to improve their swagger without sacrificing comfort, don on a pair of 2xist boxers, like the Pima Knit Boxer, which comes in the three classic colours of white, navy blue, and black. It is made with premium cotton, which makes it wrinkle resistant. It also comes with a comfortable elastic waistband and a single button fly, and it is perfect for everyday wear. Those who prefer something a little closer to the skin, however, should opt for 2xist boxer briefs, such as Pima Stretch Boxer brief, which comes with a functional keyhole fly. This is for the men who want an upgrade from their regular cotton briefs. With these, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing underwear at all. It is, in a sense, a new level of freedom.

Pamper yourself today with a pair of 2xist Singapore underwear today. You won’t regret it.