Make the hours count with 2XU's high-quality pieces engineered to get you through the toughest of workouts. It’s all the preparation, and 2XU’s selection for men and women are winners in their own right. Learn more about 2XU products including compression wear and swimsuits below!

What is 2XU run crew in Singapore?


2XU Singapore - A Brand Made to Take You Further

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2005, 2XU was armed with a mission to take human performance to the next level with world-class athletic garments. 2XU is currently home to sporting apparel for swimming, casual wear, fitness, running, triathlon, compression, yoga mat, and accessories too. These products are constructed to enable the wearer to feel confident, capable and competition ready.

Compelling compression gear

Compression garments aren't just for athletic training and recovery – you can use compression clothing to reduce the aches you feel on long haul flights. Made of stronger fabrics and backed with extensive research and development, 2XU high-performance compression wear is something you should look into.

Make a splash with swim apparel

2XU has successfully set the bar really high in wetsuit technology. The brand has included High-Velocity Strakes to increase hydrodynamics and forward motion, Aquatic Membrane Arms for feeling the water better and for neutral buoyancy, Concave Water Entrapment Zones on the forearms as well as Propulsion Panel on the lower legs for better kicking power. This empowers you to swim your best and to your heart’s content knowing that you’re wearing the best gear possible. 2XU takes it a step further and incorporates the Rollbar, Floating Zip Panel, and Transition Panels into its design.

What is 2XU run crew in Singapore?

2XU Run Crew is a social running group organised by 2XU and that follows a six-week structured training cycle from, covering core strength, running gait drills, and others with a holistic approach. Their meeting venue is the Singapore Sports Hub which is accessible by Stadium MRT.