Before buying a new bike for exercise or for a lazy Sunday ride, there are some things you have to keep in mind in order to get the best one. Here are points to help you find the right bicycle among a wide range of options in Singapore.


3 Things to Consider When Buying a Bicycle in Singapore

Despite the number of innovative vehicles being introduced in the market every year, bicycle riding has never lost its appeal since the 18th century. Bicycles remain as one of the most popular means of transportation due to their positive impact on the environment, zero cost since you don’t need to buy gas, and they can also serve as an exercise to cut your extra calories. So, if you are on the lookout for a new bike, whether for sports, training or for a lazy bike ride or stroll on a Sunday, then you need to get one that has the right features. Given the substantial number of bicycle brands and models, deciding what you are going to purchase can be a little overwhelming. To make the decision-making process easier, here are some things to consider when buying a bicycle.

Check if the bike is proportional to your height

This step is essential as the comfort of riding a bicycle lies with its size. Overlooking this step will be a total waste of money invested on your new bike. If you are considerably taller or shorter, then do not fret because bicycles come in varied sizes. To see if the bicycle is the right size, you can do a test ride. Try getting on the bicycle while standing. Then, see if your crotch is one to two inches from the top tube of your bike. If it is within the parameters, then you got correct bicycle size. Apart from this, you should also check the saddle or seat of the bike if it goes well with the shape of your pelvis. If the bike’s saddle isn’t comfortable, then you need to purchase another one. It’s best to get an adjustable seat for a more comfortable bike ride. Lastly, make sure that your feet are able to reach the ground so that your legs can support the bike when you’re not cycling or when you make a stop.

Go for a sturdy bike helmet

A bike helmet is one of the most important accessories in bicycle riding. This is because it protects your head, which is a vital part of your body. This accessory reduces the risk of head injury when faced with an accident. That’s why when riding on a rough terrain or on an open road, it’s essential to wear a bike helmet.

Choose quality gear and components

What makes bike riding fun and relaxing, despite using your physical faculties, are the gears of your bicycle. Proper gearing helps in sustaining your energy longer and riding more efficiently. So, when buying a bike, it’s important to check the gear to ensure that the chain connecting the pedal to the wheels doesn’t break easily. Next things to consider after the gear are the wheels and brakes. The rule of thumb for these components is to never go for cheap ones. For the wheels, choose ones that are made of titanium or carbon fiber. Not only are they lighter than aluminum wheels but also stronger and more durable. Thus, when buying bicycle parts, quality is all that matters.