Zip through malls and sidewalks with the coolest roller blades in Singapore. It is a fun and exciting activity that you can enjoy with friends or family. Want to know more about how to roller blade like a pro? Read more below.


How to Skate (Roller Blade) like a Pro

Extreme sports is probably one of the coolest hobbies one can take up. Out of all the extreme sports, roller blades are the most exciting and ecstatically pleasing. Born from the art of roller skates, inline skates are agile and flexible to zip through on obstacles. Roller blades are so enjoyable, some of us love using them all over the city. Where malls and sidewalks in Singapore allow it, we bring a pair along. Much of the adrenaline rush is in the speed and thrill of challenging your limits while keeping balance.

So how do we learn to skate like a pro? What are the key elements to being roller-blading professional? Let’s look at some that can make you unbelievably good at roller-blading.

Choose your roller blades wisely

Any action sport requires the right gear. The same can be said about roller-blading. Choose the right pair of roller blades and you know you’re on the right track. Just like choosing a pair of running shoes, you choose roller blades by size. Adult roller blades will be much larger than children’s roller blades. Colour also makes a huge difference. Professional inline skates have darker, more matte colours, while beginner’s roller blades are colourful and glossy.

Next, look for the type of roller blade accessories in your desired pair. The advanced pairs of roller blades generally have no brakes. This can be daunting, but exciting if you know how to use them right. Most roller blades have curved wheels. Some may have other types of wheels in line. The strength and rigidity also play an important part when choosing a pair of inline skates. If you intend to do jumps, and high-impact moves, you must be sure your roller blades can take the strain.

Go slow before speeding

Just like any other sport, it is vital to go slow before moving too fast. This means we have to firstly learn to balance on our skates before moving on our speed. If you are a careful person, this would go without saying. But most of us can get excited when we start to get used to balancing and moving with the rhythm.

Plan your route

Whenever we are on the move, it is important to plan our route. This means we have to map out the location we will be roller-blading through long before we strap our gear on. Learning to anticipate where we will be heading, a number of obstacles we will encounter and much more could save our lives. It could also save us a great deal of time and effort.

Don’t be stupid

Although this may sound pretty obvious, don’t be stupid. Simply put, take precautions. The world is a dangerous place. We need to protect ourselves when out and about. One way to do this would be to wear protective padding when roller-blading. Roller blades are the main mode of moving around, protective padding keeps you from hurting yourself. Also, be sure to avoid traffic. Going into traffic could get you seriously injured or worse.

Now that you know more about roller-blading, go ahead and choose your own pair of inline skates and conquer the streets.