Adidas Singapore boasts its impressive collection of pants. No matter which style you prefer, can always make the best effect to your outfit and most especially activity.



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Adidas Pants Singapore: Sports and Fashion in One

Adidas Singapore is a multinational corporation that originated in Germany which is one of the world’s most popular brand in sportswear. The contribution of Adidas in making innovative sports accessories and apparels is clearly undeniable. Since its rise to fame in 1924 until today, Adidas is one of the most committed brands in providing sportswear that will make every sport easier to endure. With this brand’s relentless development of their wide array of sports-optimized clothing, apparels, and accessories, they always create sportswear that is beyond expectation.

Adidas Pants Singapore: Different Styles for Different People

Whether you are an athlete or anyone in general who has a preference for comfortable clothing, if you match the criteria, then you will most likely enjoy Adidas Singapore apparel, especially their pants. Adidas Singapore offers a huge collection of pants for both men and women. Not only are they for athletic people, but also for anyone who prefers comfortable pants to walk around in.

Adidas Leggings

Enhance your gym routine with Adidas leggings. Not only are they form-flattering, they are also performance-boosting due to their TECHFIT™ technology that focuses on the wearer’s muscles energy to achieve maximum power. Adidas leggings would surely meet your needs at the gym.

Adidas Sweatpants

Sometimes called track pants or joggers, Adidas sweatpants work anytime. They come in different styles- from retro-inspired to trendy. Not only that, they also have sweat fighting properties to keep the wearer cool and comfortable.

Adidas Trousers

Adidas Singapore’ trousers give the wearer a modern, sleek look without sacrificing flexibility and comfort. They are made with breathable fabrics to keep you cool even on the hottest days.

Adidas Capris

Capris are bottoms that usually come down to between knee and calf or ankle length, and are longer than shorts. Adidas capris pants are not your ordinary capri pants due to their moisture wicking ability and stretch construction that provides the wearer enhanced mobility.

Adidas Cargo Pants

Adidas Singapore’ cargo pants for men not only provide style but also comfort and breathability. They come with pockets which are useful for holding your phone, wallet, or anything else you need.

Adidas Joggers

Sometimes called jogging bottoms, Adidas joggers were originally designed for exercising. However, as fashions change over time, it’s now acceptable to wear joggers in public. Whether you’re playing a ball game or lounging in the pool, you’ll look and feel fabulous in Adidas joggers for men.

Reasons to buy Adidas Pants in Singapore

Adidas is a brand that needs no introduction, it has already become a household name for sports and active lifestyle. Adidas pants are well known not just because it carries one of the most trusted brands of clothing and apparel, but because it simply delivers the following:

Comfortable and Well Fitting

Whether it’s an Adidas shoes or pants, you are guaranteed to enjoy comfort. Adidas is a brand that’s well known for integrating innovation into their products – from their shoes, to their clothes, and even to their pants. Every product that they create promises comfort that boosts its wearer's performance, thanks to their relentless pursuit of creating sports enhancing technology.

Quality Like No Other

Adidas products have been tried and tested. The materials that they use are guaranteed to be the best in the market. It’s an undisputed fact that consumers will never deny all these years.


Adidas is a brand that never fails to keep up with the latest trends of today. Despite being a brand that’s sports centered, they always see to it that their latest product carries a style that will fit in with today’s latest style.