Sports shoes aren’t just for regular sports, but they can also be a stylish fashion statement. Whether it be working at the office, doing strength-training workouts, or dancing, Adidas shoes are highly favoured for their comfort, versatility, and durability. Explore our extensive catalogue of Adidas Duramo shoes below!


Adidas Singapore: What’s Good About Adidas Duramo

Marketed as a pair of running shoes, the Adidas Duramo has gone through several variations over the years. Up till recently, the Adidas Duramo 9 is released to the world of sportswear. Despite having a thick rubber sole that promises durability, the Duramo actually has a lightweight structure, weighing only 276g for the size UK 8.5. So when you go running or jogging, rest assured that no burden from the feet can be felt. These sports shoes also sport a two-layer mesh upper with high breathability, keeping your feet cool at all times even in tropical weather.

Looking at the inside, Adidas Duramo has a very soft foam cushioning, which makes one feel like they are walking on clouds. Having a comfortable cushioning makes the shoe easy to put on. Not only is the Duramo 9 perfect for workouts, but it is also apt for multiple casual occasions, thanks to its stylish, street-ready design. As per Adidas’ fashion approach, the Duramo comes in more than 50 colourways.

In terms of price, the Duramo 9 officially retails for S$100 and can be found cheaper elsewhere at a price range between S$60 and S$80 in Singapore.

What is the difference between Adidas and Adidas Originals?

One key difference you can tell between Adidas and Adidas Originals is the logo itself. Adidas products don a three-stripe logo, while Adidas Originals products come with a flower-shaped logo named the Trefoil.

Adidas, by the name itself, represents sporting goods such as equipment, shoes, and clothing that are specially crafted for athletes. They come with special features or technology that help boost sports performance, hence they are also known as performance goods. In particular, the Ultraboost, Senseboost, SL20, Dame 6, Harden Vol. 4, and others are part of the Adidas Performance product line.

Adidas Originals often carries retro or old-school vibes that pay homage to the brand’s own design from between the 40s and 80s. Adidas Original products are usually designed for character and most suited for street fashion. Some great instances of Adidas Originals are the Superstar, Stan Smith, Gazelle, Samba OG, and Continental 80.

Simply put, Adidas Originals is one of the product categories under the brand. In virtue of various collaborations with famous artists and celebrities, Adidas Originals has established a distinctive brand image that appeals to casual fashion and streetwear enthusiasts.

Why does Adidas have 3 stripes?

While Nike is famous for its Swoosh logo, Adidas is best recognised for its three stripes. Those three stripes resemble the shape of a mountain, which signifies the challenges and obstacles all athletes face when preparing for sports competitions or tournaments. This iconic emblem was originally designed by Adidas’ former creative director Peter Moore back in 1990.

Where to buy adidas shoes in Singapore?

You can either shop for adidas shoes on its official Adidas Singapore site or via other online shopping sites such as Lazada, Qoo10, and Zalora. Make sure to use our vouchers when purchasing Adidas sports products online to save more bucks! Besides, you can also keep your eyes peeled for Adidas’ seasonal sale or stock clearance sale to purchase their clothing and footwear products at a super affordable price!