For a brand that has been around for almost a century, Adidas sure knows how to maintain the level of quality in all their products. Most known for its shoes, Adidas always delivers great footwear with iconic design and optimal comfort and functionality. To know more about the many types of Adidas’ iconic footwear, read the article here.


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News about adidas Shoes

What do Stan Smith, NMD, Superstar, and Yeezy have in common? Other than being some of the best-selling adidas shoe collections, these footwear sets are what so many millennials are donning to show off their styles on social media.

What do Stan Smith, NMD, Superstar, and Yeezy have in common? Other than being some of the best-selling adidas shoe collections, these footwear sets are what so many millennials are donning to show off their styles on social media.

Finding the Right Type of Adidas Shoes for All Your Needs

Adidas offers a myriad of shoes that could cater to your athletic and casual stylistic needs. From football to fashion, with Adidas, you can always complete your look while delivering high performance no matter what the activity is. The Adidas shoes are categorized into running, training, football, basketball, casual wear or leisure wear, and so on.

Sports Shoes

Adidas is perhaps most well-known for their sports shoes. Within the sports shoes category, Adidas have produced specific types of shoes for different purposes like training, running, and court sports, specifically football, basketball, golf, tennis, and athletics. For training, one can opt for an individual pair of shoes or from one of their training footwear collections.

Training and Running

The Adidas Pure Boost X Trainer 2.0 and the CrazyTrain Elite are just some of customers’ favorite Adidas training shoes. The same thing also applies for Adidas running shoes; either choose a standalone pair of footwear or from one of the brand’s top collection like the Pure Boost, Ultra Boost, and Alpha Bounce. The Adidas running and training shoes are quite similar when it comes to their cushioning, soles, and grip. This is so that runners won’t easily slip on wet pavements and weightlifters will have a sturdy stance at the gym when deadlifting.

Football and Basketball

For court shoes, especially football and basketball, one needs to look for a whole different kind of footwear. When playing outdoor football, players would need to find special shoes with studs on the outsole in order for the players to grip easily on the grass field. Some Adidas football shoes have these studs on the outsoles, like the ACE Firm Ground Boots, Copa Firm Ground Boots, Nemeziz Firm Ground Boots, and X Firm Ground Boots. These shoes also have the indoor version without the studs on the outsoles.

The Adidas basketball shoes are a little different; they are designed to provide maximum security while maintaining its lightweight-ness, so basketball athletes can roam around the court and jump effortlessly. Some of the top Adidas basketball shoes are Crazy Explosive Low Primeknit Shoes, DAME 3 On Tour Shoes, Harden Vol. 1 Shoes, and Street Jam 3 Shoes.

Adidas Brands

Other than their sports shoes, Adidas also offers footwear for lifestyle and leisure. Under their sub-brand, Adidas Originals, one can find shoes that they could put on for everyday wear. Adidas Originals include the collections of Adidas Superstar, Adidas Stan Smith, Adidas Tubular, Adidas ZX Flux, Adidas Iniki, Adidas EQT, Adidas Campus, Adidas NMD, and more.

Besides the Originals, Adidas also has the brands Adidas Neo, Adidas Athletics, and the collaborative collection, Adidas by Stella McCartney. The brand’s collaboration with Stella McCartney offers clothing items and footwear that combines haute couture with the functionality of the iconic Adidas sports shoes.