Define your sense of style and win the street style game with a pair of Adidas sneakers! If you doubt how much sneakers can transform your outfit, read here.


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News about adidas Sneakers

What do Stan Smith, NMD, Superstar, and Yeezy have in common? Other than being some of the best-selling adidas shoe collections, these footwear sets are what so many millennials are donning to show off their styles on social media.

What do Stan Smith, NMD, Superstar, and Yeezy have in common? Other than being some of the best-selling adidas shoe collections, these footwear sets are what so many millennials are donning to show off their styles on social media.

Reinvent your look with Adidas Sneakers from iprice Singapore

Adidas sneakers – The footwear that has conquered both the sports and fashion worlds

When Adidas’ reputation ‘travelled’ the seven seas to become one of the top sport brands in the planet, little did we know that those sporty pair of shoes can even captivate the hearts of the ladies hands down. Much as athletes love Adidas sneakers for their high performance on the field, fashionistas also adore them for their’ brilliant touch on every day’s #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day).

The prominent feature that makes Adidas a brand to watch is obviously the innovative shoes making techniques. It ensures that every pair is extra light weight yet 100% protective. Each Adidas sneakers collection provides special support to different individual needs. Runners choose Adidas running shoes for their functionality with ultimate comfort for a long run. Football players choose Adidas football shoes, most popularly the Predator series, for the top-notch quality that ensures better control of the ball while playing.

From the running pitch or the football field to the fashion runways or the Red Carpet, Adidas still holds a unique glory to it like no others. It is no longer a rare find if a lady dressing up in a pair of Adidas sneakers. They are the new heels! There are endless possibilities when it comes to mastering the new look with sneakers no matter for which occasion. Read on to be inspired by many styles that you can rock in a pair of Adidas sneakers.

Dress up with Adidas sneakers

Sneakers design is very simple yet elegant in a very unique way. Ladies, if you don’t wish for your precious feet to be damaged from wearing high heels too frequent, let’s opt for sneakers. You will be amazed by the gorgeousness of the new look for your daily outfit.

The most adored Adidas sneakers in the fashion world are:

Adidas Stan Smith:

With traditional shoes design infused with a refreshing touch of the seasonal trends to offer the most stylish pair of sneakers in the market. As the shoes already feature striking pattern designs on their own, you can just simply style a pair of Stan Smith with a classic plain t-shirt in ripped jeans, or go beyond any limit by combining the colour blocks for your outfit!

Adidas Superstar:

Among the collections line-up, the original Superstar, just like its name, is definitely the King of Adidas shoes. They boast a timeless design and so durable that you only need a pair for a really long time. The most common way to dress up in Adidas Superstar is pairing with a plain maxi dress, and as for men, there is no rule for styling with this versatile pair of shoes.

No matter which style preference that you have, Adidas sneakers can always make the best staple to your outfit. And if you are a sports junkie, you can have the best working out companion without compromising on style with Adidas sneakers. Get them online for the best price available from iprice Singapore.