Named after the great tennis icon himself, Adidas Stan Smith line is one of the most popular Adidas shoe line famous for its minimalist design. When Stan Smith casually donned his tennis shoes for a normal match, who would have expected that his simple white leather tennis shoes could be that popular? Since then, Adidas Stan Smith has been capturing the imagination of many and continues to be selected as one of the greatest sneakers of all time.

How much is a pair of Adidas Stan Smith? | Does Adidas Stan Smith run big or small?


Adidas Originals Stan Smith – Impossible Is Nothing

As one of the largest sportswear brands in the world, Adidas has been consistent in promoting its well-designed products that continue to challenge the boundaries of innovation and performance. Thus, this simple Adidas Originals white leather tennis shoe has transcended into annals of legendary sneakers.

Adidas Stan Smith Singapore – All In Or Nothing

A firm believer that you must give everything in order to secure your victory, Adidas is dedicated to marketing products that reflect such dedicated belief. What’s more, Adidas also enlists the supports from top athletes who display that same level of dedication and focus in training and performance. The former world No. 1 tennis champion, Stan Smith, is certainly one of them. Personally endorsing this Adidas tennis shoes, you will find his image and signature to be featured in it.

In fact, it is so popular that Stan Smith remarked that even the Adidas Stan Smith shoes were being referred to as Stan Smith instead of himself. In his own words, Stan Smith mentioned that "the shoes have really taken on a life of its own, way beyond me.” It is fascinating that the Adidas Stan Smith line boasts a reputation and popularity that exceed the man himself.

Take The Stage With Amazing Adidas Originals - Stan Smith Collection

Stan Smith Shoes

  • Meet the world's first iconic tennis shoes. From the tennis court to the urban street, the classic white tennis shoes worn by Stan Smith became popular that they eventually inspired many Adidas products. The Adidas Stan Smith was a legendary tennis shoe that marked another milestone in the history of sneakers.
  • Strong and rugged, the Adidas Stan Smith shoe has been designed to be durable and long-lasting despite its simple silhouette. The simple outlook and style enable Adidas Stan Smith shoes to be the base for sneaker art. Thanks to its white colour, the shoe itself has conjured many inspired sneaker art and design.

Stan Smith Watches

  • As a gesture to remember and honour the relaunch of the Stan Smith series by Adidas, Adidas has designed this exclusive timepiece. Needless to say, this classic and sophisticated timepiece has been an instant favourite among the crowd.
  • Boasting water-resistant to 5TM (Withstands pressures equivalent to a depth of 50 meters), this analogue dial watch is placed within a silicone case with a highly polished stainless steel crown. Featuring three-hand movement, the watch also exhibits a green second hand as well as having "Love" at the 12 o'clock mark.

How much is a pair of Adidas Stan Smith?

The price of a pair of Adidas Stan Smith ranges between S$65.00 and S$160 on Zalora Singapore. Free delivery is offered to any purchase value of S$50 and above. Remember to apply Zalora promo code during checkout to save a few more bucks!

Does Adidas Stan Smith run big or small?

Some reviewers have recommended buyers with wide feet to get Stan Smith shoes ½ size bigger (US size) as the toe box is small.