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What Programs does Adobe Have – A Crash Course on Adobe Products

So you might be asking, what is Adobe?

A company that develops software for the use of graphic design, photography editing, video editing, web development, and so on. With quite the reputation of professional programs and reliable software, many of Adobes programs are considered to be the best in the business. The number one choice for many when it comes to digital creative software, Adobe is cutting edge and even said to be without competition, so popular are their products.

Because of that, Adobe has garnered quite the reputation, one that they are able to back up thanks to their multitude of programs. Out of the wide selection of top-of-the-line software they have available, there’s bound to be something that will suit your creative needs. Here, we have provided a quick rundown of the services and products that Adobe offers and hopefully even provide some insight as to which Adobe product most suits your interest.

Adobe Creative Cloud

One of the most popular Adobe software out there is Creative Cloud, or CC. More of a “service provider” than a software on its own, CC gives users access to many of Adobes creative software, giving them the means to edit graphics, videos, develop websites, and much more. Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to a collection of their software, such as:

Adobe Bridge – An organization program that gives anyone with CC the ability to easily access each program they have as part of their subscription.

Adobe Dreamweaver – A software for the use of coding and developing web sites.

Adobe Illustrator – An image editing software that uses vector graphics.

Adobe InDesign – Which lets users design publishable content.

Adobe Photoshop – One of their most popular products, for the use of graphics editing and creating.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – Used for processing photos and organizing images into an album.

Adobe Premiere Pro – A video editing software that uses a timeline based structure.

As well as many more programs! Payable through a monthly or annual subscription, CC is currently the most recent Adobe product.

Adobe Creative Suite 6

Similar to Creative Cloud, Adobe Creative Suite 6, or CS6 is also one of Adobes popular software and is composed of 16 programs that give users access to a variety of creative development programs. Aside from the main 16, there are several more products not listed here as they are not automatically part of the CS6 package.

· Photoshop® CS6 Extended

· Illustrator® CS6

· InDesign® CS6

· Acrobat® X Pro

· Flash® Professional CS6

· Flash Builder® 4.6 Premium Edition

· Dreamweaver® CS6

· Fireworks® CS6

· Adobe Premiere® Pro CS6

· After Effects® CS6

· Adobe Audition® CS6

· SpeedGrade™ CS6

· Prelude™ CS6

· Encore® CS6

· Bridge CS6

· Media Encoder CS6

Most Popular Adobe Products

With how popular Adobe is and how much of a presence they have in the industry, it’s no wonder that many of their programs are so widely used to the point that they’re seen to be indispensable to its users. Frequently upgraded and improved, there are many versions of these products – CC, CS6 – but their usages and operation would remain the same.

Here we have a list of the most popular Adobe programs and their uses:

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is used for editing video tracks, letting users cut and rearrange video clips to their liking, which will then be exported into a video format of their choice. One of the essential software for video editing with its utilization often taught to students, Premiere Pro in any of its iterations allows you to grab clips and readjust it along the timeline, add titles, filters, colour correction, and so on.

Adobe Acrobat DC

Portable Document Format, or PDF, was created by Adobe and is now considered an International Standard for file formats, utilized by many corporations and individuals. A much better alternative than using paper printouts, PDF allows you to scan documents to be kept and sent anywhere and everywhere, as well as making the program easily searched, edited, and even signed online.

PDF can contain links, audio, video, and similar, is easily exchanged and shared, and is extremely convenient for businesses and educational uses.

Adobe Photoshop

The go-to image editing software for almost everyone, in the industry or not, Adobe Photoshop was originally used to manipulate pixel based images in unbelievable ways. Due to their use of layers within a .psd file, one image on Photoshop can be changed so far from its original that many don’t hesitate to call photoshop magic. Not just for the use of image editing, Photoshop is also a popular choice for digital painting as many of its tools are also suitable for illustration purposes.

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is a popular photo editing program that works in tandem with Photoshop. Better for those interested solely in photography, Lightroom allows image editing along with image management, that lets users categorize each photo as well as allow for mass editing to thousands of phots at once.

Unleash Creativity with Adobe Singapore

A of time and effort is required when it comes to mastering many of Adobes programs, but it is without a doubt worth it. As widespread the use of Adobe is, there are many online tutorials teaching those interested on how to use their programs, and even classes to be taken for those who learn better in a classroom.

With so many choices, why not take a look at the iPrice Singapore’s Adobe page and look for something that’ll suit your taste!