A restful night’s sleep is crucial in ensuring that we stay energised throughout the next day. When it comes to sleep, comfort is the number one thing to be considered in creating a good sleeping environment. Akemi promises soft fabric in all its bedding products from pillows and bedding linens to comforters and mattress protectors. Learn more about how you can improve your sleep with Akemi products below!


3 Tips for Getting A Better Sleep with Akemi Products

Aside from dietary habits such as avoiding large meals 2 hours before sleep and not consuming caffeine at night, there are several ways of improving your sleep simply just by optimising your bedding materials. Akemi Singapore is here for the rescue if insomnia has been your best friend recently. Here are some quick tips for improving your sleep quality with the right bedding products from Akemi.

Use a leg pillow if you have a backache

Some of us struggle with mild soreness of pain in the back due to poor sleeping postures. That disrupts our sleeping schedule from time to time as we aren’t able to get deep sleep because of that. A good way to alleviate backaches while sleeping sideways is to place a pillow between both legs for a better hip alignment and eliminate some pressure on the lower back. If you’re more prone to back-sleeping, put a pillow under your knees instead.

Recommended Products: AKEMI Sleep Essential Pearl Pillow, AKEMI VDC Natural Cotton Pillow

Protect your mattress with a cover

Mattresses are the perfect shelter for mould and dust mites, which bring us itchiness, sneezes, and allergies. Having a protective cover on top of your mattress is therefore imperative in keeping all of these health problems at bay. Wash the mattress cover as regularly as you can - bi-weekly or monthly to maintain good sleep hygiene. Plus, a refreshing laundry scent always helps to put you to sleep.

Recommended Product: AKEMI Essential Mattress Protector

Choose the right bedding in accordance with the room temperature

Have you ever experienced sweating while sleeping and leaving behind bad odour? Or have you had those nights when you toss and turn out of feeling too warm? Before choosing a bedding set, an important step to keep in mind is to determine your room temperature. For a fully air-conditioned room, opt for microfibre bed sheets and thick comforter to keep yourself warm as the material can retain heat well while offering some breathability. For rooms with solely ceiling fans, cotton bed sheets can keep the hot body cool as they allow good airflow and ventilation throughout the night.

Recommended Products: AKEMI Ai by Colourkissed Comforter Set (warm), AKEMI Tencel Modal Ardent Quilt Cover Set / Fitted Sheet Set (cooling), AKEMI Cotton Select Affinity Quilt Cover Set (cooling)

To create a calming atmosphere for your home, you may also want to shop for home and living accessories such as diffusers, mood lamps, candles and candles from popular brands including MUJI, Miniso, IKEA, and more!