Ambitiously designed to amplify your experience, Alcatroz is the brand that proudly presents amazing products that are both affordable and reliable at the same time. Read more about Alcatroz Singapore to find out.


Alcatroz Singapore – Ambitiously Designed for the Aspiring Champions

Not to be confused with infamous Alcatraz prison, Alcatroz Singapore offers the freedom and flexibility that you can never find in the former. Joking aside, Alcatroz is actually an amazing computing product brand that is associated with adaptability, affordability and ambition. All of these aspects are the reasons behind its growing successes around the world. Needless to say, Alcatroz harbors the great ambition of delivering affordable products that offer excellent performance. Looking at its history, Alcatroz Singapore has been successful in unlocking the puzzle and achieve such feat of making these products so that everyone can enjoy their performances without spending a lot.

About Alcatroz

With the goal of crafting simple computing products and accessories that everyone can enjoy, Alcatroz has been established by the same owner of other gaming brands such as Armageddon, Sonicgear and Audiobox. Growing in such large family of noted gaming brands, this means that Alcatroz actually benefitted from their experiences and expertise. In other words, it gives Alcatroz the advantage of building its own solid products that are both affordable and powerful at the same time.

According to Wanda Hu, one of its co-founders, the logo of Alcatroz was inspired by the GDI's logo from the Command & Conquer : Tiberian Sun. It displayed a formidable bird of prey that was about to strike. Similarly, it reflected about the rise of Alcatroz and how it redefined the true meaning of gaming peripheral. Since then, Alcatroz commands a solid reputation in a short time as it clearly understands its customers well that it is able to offer amazing products.

Amplifying Your Performance with Alcatroz

While there is a phrase that say, "beggars cannot be choosers", Alcatroz is ready to prove such statement to be wrong. Understanding the needs and desires of its customers well, Alcatroz is prepared to offer something that cannot be refused: affordable products that are ambitiously designed for amazing performances. In order to achieve such feat, Alcatroz pushes the boundaries of innovation and creativity as it designs and develops its own unique line of products. Despite facing a lot of challenges and difficulties along the way, Alcatroz has been successful in redefining the future of computing products and accessories with its products. As a result, everyone can get affordable products that can accelerate their experience to be more seamless.

Alcatroz Products - Power from Above

One reason behind the popularity and success of Alcatroz is that it boasts products that are both powerful and affordable at the same time. Not only that, all of them are also designed with such emphasis on user experience. In simpler terms, all of them prove to be easy to learn and use.

Alcatroz Mouse

In its own inventory, Alcatroz possesses a large variety of mouse that cater to different needs and demands. This means that you will have no problem in getting Alcatroz mouse that can suit your style. At the end of day, Alcatroz's mouse have been counted to be among the best mice in the world.

Alcatroz Air Shark

Simple and sophisticated, this Alcatroz mouse is a wireless USB gaming mouse that possesses built-in lithium polymer battery for wireless gaming experience. Moreover, it contains high quality teflon footpads which offer steady grip on almost all surfaces. In addition, the ALcatroz Air Shark mouse also contains high-gloss oleophobic UV coating that makes this mouse to be easy to maintain as it will keep its shine and will not fade and flake. This proves to be convenient as you do not have to spend a lot of time in maintaining and cleaning it.

Alcatroz X-Craft Twilight 2000

This Alcatroz gaming mouse features 6 programmable buttons and a 3200 CPI gaming sensor that enable you to accomplish your gaming performance. The Alcatroz X-Craft Twilight 2000 earns its name from its sensational backlight graphic design that makes it to look like an experimental starship from the sci-fi movie. It is amazing that its rubberized finishing actually enables you to play comfortably for a longer period of time. Not just that, it even offers firmer grip when holding it.

Alcatroz ASIC 5

In the first glance, the Alcatroz ASIC mouse may look fairly basic but it contains several tricks up its sleeve. The Alcatroz ASIC 5 mouse is an amazing 3-button optical mouse that boast 1000 CPI resolution. For everyday use, it is definitely offers performance that will exceed your own expectations. Boasting a durable body, this Alcatroz mouse also gives you firm and highly responsive click that proves to be comfortable and convenient at the same time.

Alcatroz Keyboards & MouseCombo

As if it is not enough, Alcatroz is really generous in offering Alcatroz keyboards and mice combo so that you can enjoy the best from this fearsome combination. Aside from its powerful and reliable mice, Alcatroz also extends the same treatment to its keyboards. As a result, the Alcatroz keyboards are highly responsive computing products that withstand heavier usage for a long time.

Alcatroz PowerLogic Xplorer 5000 Keyboard & Mouse Combo

As one of the most popular keyboard and mouse combo from Alcatroz, the Alcatroz PowerLogic Xplorer 5000 keyboard and mouse proves to be a formidable combo that is truly value for money. In fact, you will be getting more than you spend as the Alcatroz PowerLogic Xplorer 5000 keyboard is a high quality keyboard that boasts reliable soft-touch membrane keys. Regarding its other companion, this Alcatroz mouse is a high definition 1000CPI optical mouse that makes everything to be simple.

Alcatroz Power Supply Unit

If you desire highly efficient power supply unit that enable your computer to achieve its peak performance consistently, Alcatroz power supply units are the primary candidates for this task. As they are reliable, this means you can enjoy stable power delivery that enables your computer runs faster and safer.

Alcatroz Magnum Pro 225X

When you require a stable power to be delivered to your computer, the Alcatroz Magnum Pro 225X is the right tool for the right job. Constructed from premium quality parts, this Alcatroz power supply unit has been assured for quality. Those that use it actually find that Alcatroz Magnum Pro 225X to be very reliable and simple to use at the same time. Not only that, it also offers a large variety of output cables that make sure that it is able to fit into any socket. Whether for simple office job or gaming purpose, you can be confident that Alcatroz Magnum Pro 225X is dedicated in making sure that you can enjoy the peak performance of your computer.

Alcatroz Laptop Cases & Bags

While designing exceptional computing products, Alcatroz also offers durable laptop cases and bags that guard your beloved hardware. Aside from protecting your own items, these cases and bags are also designed to be light and easy to carry.