Specializing in the creation of high-quality footwear, leather goods, and accessories, Aldo is a trendy brand that pays close attention to detail as well as fine craftsmanship. Aldo in Singapore is dedicated to bringing customers both quality and cutting-edge products. Read below to learn more about the brand.


5 Things you need to know about ALDO

A destination for style-conscious shoppers, ALDO is a caring and socially conscious modern company. This is because; the company has three main values which are respect, love, and integrity. With these three set of values, the brand does not only manufacture high-quality fashion items but also create a stronger impact on social responsibility. Here are 5 things you need to know about the company.

Runway ALDO and Good cause advocate ALDO

Make the world your runway with ALDO fashion favorites and help support the brand’s commitment to the society. Among the many philanthropic causes that ALDO supports include the Cure Foundation, Youth Fusion, CANFAR, War Child and YouthAIDS. ALDO receives strong support from many superstars like Ludacris, Charlize Theron, Michelle Yeoh, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera joined hands and participated in the ALDO Fights AIDS campaign in the Fall of 2005 and Summer of 2006 to communicate real facts associated with the disease.

The campaign used a powerful combination of top celebrities and multiple media genres. This diverse and talented group of celebrities from both the music and blockbuster movie scenes not only donated their time and energy to the campaign but are also all-time strong advocates of the cause. The campaign launched a series of limited-edition empowerment tags, which were sold in ALDO stores and online at www.aldofightsaids.com. All of the nett sales of the tags went to various YouthAIDS programs globally, the tags priced at only $5 not only were a simple symbol of empowerment but also helpful in protecting a young person from HIV/AIDS for 6 months.

ALDO formal shoes, wedges sandals, stiletto heels, bags, accessories, wallets, sunglasses and hats are some of the things you can invest on from ALDO. Whether your personal style is modern, classic, trendy, creative, casual, timeless or bold, ALDO has a match suitable for your taste. ALDO keeps up with the newest color trends and this enables them to design and make your favorite accessories in noteworthy shades.

ALDO special collaborations

Today, the ALDO Group boasts four distinct brands under its moniker. They are ALDO, Call It Spring, Globo and Little Burgundy. With a specialty in trend-proof footwear and fashion accessories, ALDO has accessible prices for each of its seasons. Embrace versatility and style with ALDO as the brand is a global Canadian company based in Montreal, Quebec that make shoe and other accessories too. ALDO has also teamed up with an icon or two to expand its reach. One of the more notable collaborations was in the year 2012, when the company signed with Madonna to produce the Truth or Dare by Madonna line. This boosted ALDO’s popularity, allowing it to create a name for itself in the fashion world.

Fans of designer Misha Nonoo’s fashion pieces can keep your anticipations up for ALDO’s Fall/Winter 2015 collaboration. The brand will again be teaming up with this talented designer that has garnered a star-studded following that includes Emma Watson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow. This is their second collaboration after a first very successful collection. The celebrated designer will be dwelling on the complexity of the woman for the upcoming collection that aims to inspire women to look and feel composed, whilst having a sense of ease and conviction.

High-tech retail

The company has a fondness for technology as they jumped on the e-commerce rather early on. The ALDO retailer will be infusing their digital ability to the stores. A majority of the U.S. and Canada stores have already incorporated the consumer-facing technology in 2015. The other ALDO stores in other parts of the world will also incorporate this technology. A big part of the technology is to help consumers pick out shoes to match their outfits.

Fast manufacturing

ALDO is known for its fast-fashion as the company has devised a new go-to-market strategy which helps to efficiently churn out the products faster than over. This strategy was introduced by its new CEO, David Bensadoun. It was estimated that the company can now deliver merchandise to the flagships stores around the world in less than a year and in some cases within as fast as three months. Every month, there will be new products introduced to the stores.

Importance of corporate culture

At ALDO, the most valued asset is corporate culture. The headquarters is located on the outskirts of Montreal which has a wall that features more than 250 artworks from local artists. There is also an olive tree planted in the center of the main atrium for the purpose of encouraging a peaceful work environment as well as to signify the founders Mediterranean origins.

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