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Life Is Made Easier With Alpha Singapore

Since its inception, Alpha Singapore is one of the leading players in the industry of home appliances such as electronic water heater, shower pump, shower accessories, fan and more. Focusing on the aspects of safety and design, Alpha believes that people should be enjoying these home appliances in their home without any worry and doubt. Hence, Alpha products are designed to be safe, easy to use, reliable and sturdy. Not only that, Alpha is dedicated in bringing new innovation and technology to enhance its products to be more efficient.

Alpha Singapore- The Road To Success

Quality Ensures Satisfaction

Established on 10 November 1990, Alpha is a company specialised in producing modern home appliances in Malaysia. Alpha is managed by a group of dedicated and experienced directors with 22 years of expertise. With good management and proven track record, Alpha eventually grows to be one of the leading brands that has exported its products to countries in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania and South America. Thanks to its dedication in quality management, it is no surprise that Alpha is a ISO 9001: 2008 certified manufacturer as Alpha Malaysia prioritises quality and meeting standards of its customers. A firm believer that "quality ensures satisfaction", Alpha wants its customers to be satisfied by enjoying the high quality Alpha products.

Well Earned Success

Throughout its years, Alpha Malaysia gained a number of awards for its superbly designed products. In 2001, Alpha was awarded the Malaysian Brand Name by Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade and Industry. The SMEs Best Brand 2007 in Asia Pacific by thebrandlaureath went to Alpha in the category of electrical and electronics water heater. This proved that Alpha water heater was among the best as it fulfilled the customers' expectations. Living up to its name, Alpha was indeed a prime player in forging exceptional home appliances as testified by its numerous awards.

Reasons For Choosing Alpha Singapore

Safety First

Alpha Singapore emphasises safety in all of its products by introducing this unique safety feature known as Auto Test. This special feature is actually a sophisticated microchip that performs self test routine every time when you are using the product. When the self-test routine is being initiated, it carries out a ten seconds test on all circuits and functional worthiness of all electrical parts. It is to detect any potential hazard especially current leakage on the electrical parts, wiring and circuit. The indicator lights will be turning green when all systems are normal and functional. However, the power will be cut off from the machine if there is a problem detected and the lights will turn red to notify you to bring it for service or repair.

Solving Problems That Plague Your Experience

One vital issue that always concerns many people is that many home appliances are inefficient in their operations. Such concern is not an issue for Alpha products as they are designed to be efficient and economical when utilising water and energy. Thanks to Alpha products, power and water bills are the least of your worries. In addition, you can avoid high plumbing or installation costs that will definitely make your experience to be unpleasant and annoying. Not only that, Alpha products are also designed to be very easy to be installed and use in your own house; you definitely will not get any messy and costy installation problem!

Latest Alpha Singapore Products

Alpha Water Heater Smart

Constructed internally with nylon glass fibre, it is a strong non-conductive material that provides further insulation against electric shock. Not only that, the Alpha Water Heater Smart also has a splash proof IP25 standard protection against water seeping into the internal mechanism of the heater. The electronic temperature control allows you to select shower temperature easily according to your own personal preference. The defining features of this product are its auto test that enables the Alpha Water Heater Smart to run automatic regular checking of the internal circuit to detect any possible current leakage and its auto reset thermal cut out mechanism will prevent overheating at 55°C. Thanks to its ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) system, it will cut off current flow in the event of any current leakage.

Alpha Water Heater X5

Beyond its minimal and simple design, you will find Alpha Water Heater X5 to be amazing as it has a flow switch system and electronic temperature control that will make your shower experience to be rejuvenating. In addition, Alpha Water Heater X5 comes with anti leak tank and splash proof IP25 standard protection to prevent both in and out water leaking. For further protection, you will be pleased to know that this Alpha Water Heater X5 also boasts a built in ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) and utilises thermal cut out in the event of current leakage.

Alpha Impress Collection

Discover new showering experience with Alpha Impress Collection as its hand shower has 5 different spray options for you to enjoy. As usual with standard Alpha water heater, you can expect Alpha Impress to be having key features like splash proof IP25 standard protection, internally constructed with nylon fibre material for protection against electric shock and thermal cut out in the event of current leakage. In addition, it is impressive that this product also incorporates Line Fault Indicator lightning & surge protector for additional protection that allows you to shower without any worry.

Alpha Singapore Ceiling Fans

Alpha is also famous for its own line of ceiling fans. These Alpha ceiling fans have high quality, durable and wider blades as well as loaded with different speed settings. Not only that, Alpha ceiling fans are best to provide better cooling and air circulation widely in your room.

An Awesome Life With Alpha Singapore

From simple hand shower to luxurious overhead shower, Alpha has everything you could wish for an awesome life in the comfort of your own home. Silver Alpha products are popular choice for those that prefer with sleek, smooth & sophisticated look.