Boasting an impressive array of products and services as the world's largest e-commerce store, Amazon is an amazing go-to place that caters to your every need. Whatever that you are looking for, you can be confident that Amazon has the item available. Try Amazon now and you will not be disappointed! Read more about Amazon Singapore below to find out.


Things you Should Know When you Shop at Amazon Singapore

As the largest Internet-based retailer in the world (in terms of market capitalization and total sales), Amazon shop boasts literally everything that you need. Furthermore, they also have their own brand of products including the Amazon Kindle, Amazon Echo, Alexa, Amazon Fire Stick and so much more! Needless to say, Amazon Singapore knows how to get your attention with its amazing offers and an extensive range of products. Furthermore, getting your stuff on Amazon saves both time and money. If that is not enough, you can even discover great deals in the Best Buy section.

While there are many great reasons that you should shop at Amazon, there are even more ways to enhance your shopping at Amazon like never before. As a matter of fact, these simple tricks will make you enjoy your shopping experience more. Not only that, these are the tips and tricks that you will never expect (you will be glad to know them) because they can even save more money and reap benefits at the same time. Therefore, this is a list of amazing things that you should know when shopping at Amazon Singapore.

More & More Buying Choices

A lot of people tend to overlook the More Buying Choices box on the Amazon online store. If you are not sure how to find it, it is actually located in the right-hand margin of the item page just below the regular ordering box. Once you have clicked it, you are in for a very pleasant surprise. This is because it is a wonderful opportunity for you to order the same item from sellers other than Amazon. Most of the time, you will be impressed that you can actually find lower prices.

Despite this, you just need to be very cautious about the shipping cost. Even if you are qualified for free shipping on Amazon, you may need to pay for the shipping from the sellers. At the end, you might reach a higher cost than the one that you find on Amazon. Thankfully, you can utilize the "Price + Shipping" to sort your buying choices so that you can find the best deal.

Today's Deals

As you are browsing through the categories on Amazon, you may have come across the "Today's Deals" tab at the top of the page. Not only that, it is also the place where you can find tons of amazing deals. Although all of them are only good for limited times throughout the day, you will be surprised to discover that there are lots of opportunities that enable you to save more money. This is why you should check out this section whenever it is possible.

Subscribe & Save

Generally, you can find this "Subscribe & Save" offer in the grocery section of Amazon. Essentially, it is a subscription that enables you to set delivery schedule of an item. As an example, when you order regular delivery of a particular product, Amazon will ship it for free and you are also entitled to a 5% discount. Yet, this is just a beginning. If you schedule five or more subscriptions in one month, you can even get 15% on all of them. While Amazon is the go-to place for your grocery shopping, you can always try to compare prices from your local store and Amazon so that you can take the best offer. Most of the time, Amazon proves that it can beat the prices.

Furthermore, you can also get larger discounts for subscriptions if you join the Amazon's special groups such as Amazon Mom and Amazon student. These special groups also contain additional offers that you can enjoy. In other words, you are saving a lot of time and money, especially in grocery shopping. Hence, Amazon certainly helps countless people to plan well ahead.

Free Apps & Kindle Books

Aside from its amazing money-saving deals, Amazon is also known for its signature e-reader series, the Amazon Kindle. Hugely popular around the world, the Amazon Kindle is an amazing device that enables its user to browse, buy, download and read an e-book or other digital content. As a champion of great deals, the Amazon Appstore for Android actually offers a free app of the day. This means that you can always come back to download the free app for your Amazon Kindle. You can also upgrade your home with a personal assistant with the Amazon Echo Dot.

Regarding the Kindle books, Amazon also offers a number of Kindle books for free on any given day. In the Kindle category such as "Top 100 Free", you can find these goodies. Not only that, you can also type "Kindle freebies" into the search box on Amazon to find them. At the same time, there is a "Kindle Daily Deals" page that you can subscribevia e-mail so that you can get updated with the latest offers from Amazon.

Free Amazon Prime Trials

As a one-year subscription service that offers certain exclusive offers and products for a certain fee, the Amazon Prime is an incredible plan which you can enjoy while saving more money at the same time. Even if you are not up to it, you can take advantage of its 30-day free Amazon Prime free trial. During this time, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a paid membership. After 30 days, you will be charged with the one-year membership fee but you can always turn off the auto-renewal. Amazingly, you can also share your Amazon Prime free shipping benefits with up to four people.