Travel the world in style and explore the world with well-known luggage brand, American Tourister. American Tourister is known for its tough, durable, and comfortable light travel luggage that can endure distance, frequent use, and change of lifestyles. Moreover, the brand also offers reliable global warranty in case they need replacements out of your home country. Find out more about American Tourister below.


Types of Luggage Bags Offered by American Tourister

Everyone has their dream vacation, be it a backpacking trip across Europe or a week’s stay in the Bahamas. Having luggage bags that you can count on is important in making sure that you have a perfect vacation. This is where American Tourister comes into the picture.

American Tourister is a representation of fashion-chic luggage, embodying the characteristics of being vivacious, fun-loving and, adventurous. Perfect for the young at hearts that love to explore every part of the world, American Tourister offers luggage bags that are available in assorted colours and are affordable, making them the perfect travel companion for you. If you are looking for long-lasting and reliable luggage bags at reasonable prices, then American Tourister is the brand for you.

There are many different types of luggage bags available in the market today. American Tourister offers a wide selection of durable and versatile luggage bags for you to choose from. Be it large suitcases to small carrier bags, there is a luggage bag at American Tourister to suit your travelling needs. Although the primary function of luggage bags is the same – to carry your stuff conveniently as you travel – some of these bags are more suited for specific situations compared to others.

Large Luggage Bags for Frequent Long-Distance Travelling

Easily the bestselling line in the brand’s inventory, the large suitcase-style luggage bags from American Tourister are perfect for individuals who often go for long distance trips. Not only are the main compartments spacious enough to fit all your clothes and other larger items, they usually come with smaller and easy-to-reach pockets and sections for you to keep smaller objects that you need often such as your travelling documents, earphones, portable charger, etc. This enables you to keep at least one of your hands-free while you travel. These luggage brands also come in a variety of vibrant colours and designs to complement your personal style, so that you can be the fashionista you are no matter where you go.

Moreover, these luggage bags contain advanced safety features to ensure that your items remain secure as you travel through different countries. Firstly, these bags are made from durable materials to better withstand external pressure as well as wear and tear. They also feature locks to further secure the items you have in these bags so that only you have access to them. The luggage bags offered by American Tourister include:

  • Carry-On
  • Medium Checked
  • Large Checked
  • Hardside
  • Wheeled Uprights
  • Spinners

Casual Travel Bags

Prefer travelling with backpacks compared to luggage bags? Not to worry as American Tourister also provides a wide selection of casual travel bags as well. These bags are perfect for light travellers and backpackers who do not want to stand out while vacationing. Backpacks, duffel bags, and carry-on luggage bags offered by American Tourister are perfect for business travellers and those who are often on the go as they are easy to carry around and have many compartments to store heavier items such as laptops and tablets.

American Tourister Global Warranty

Apart from excellent product quality, another reason why American Tourister is a favourite brand amongst Singaporeans is that it offers a warranty on its products that is applicable worldwide. Most of the products manufactured by American Tourister come with at least two to three years of global warranty. Hence, if you ever encounter issues or problems with your American Tourister bags outside of Singapore, you are still entitled to the services offered by the brand.