Amway is known to be one of the top direct sales companies in the world. For generations, Amway has made its way into the hearts of Malaysians. Browse the products below or find out more about Amway Singapore below.


Amway Singapore – The top direct sales company in Singapore

Amway is the most famous direct sales company in Singapore. Amway – the company that consolidates licensed products from a myriad of retailers, brings only the best for us in Singapore. From humble beginnings, this company built itself with the power of bringing people together from all ages, races, and walks of life. In fact, Amway is one of the few companies in the world to make progress by helping others. Today, you too can enjoy Amway’s finest products and its fastest services.

Amway’s Impact on Singapore

Most Singaporeans are familiar with the name Amway. In fact, Amway's products have a significant impact on the lives of many Singaporeans. Most often you will hear folk tales of their daily routine of taking Amway supplements or how they have bought a revolutionary product through Amway. Amway in Singapore partners with brands such as Nutrilite, Artistry, Atmosphere, and eSpring. Amway came to Singapore in 1996 and was the first direct sales company to be listed on the KL Stock Exchange. Known for having a business model that requires minimal expenditure, Amway grows its business by helping others become Amway Business Owners. This way, ordinary people can benefit from not only the products but can take advantage of retailing benefits.

What are the best Amway products?

Amway has an array of delightful goods, including nutritional supplements, beauty, personal care, skin, to home care products from brands like Nutrilite, Artistry, and Satinique. Below is the list of Amway’s best-selling products:


Amway SG Product


Nutrilite Protein Powder


Artistry Youth Xtend Lifting Smoothing Foundation

Home Living

Amway Home Dish Drops Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid

Personal Care

Satinique Smooth Moisture Shampoo


Amway Glister Toothpaste

Skin Care

Amway Attitude Sunscreen SPF30

Why is Amway so expensive?

Amway Singapore offers only the highest quality of products that benefit your body and mind. The high price point of Amway is a result of its high product quality, superior ingredients, design excellence, and precise product testing to ensure the product’s safety, durability, and effectiveness.

Which Amway product is good for hair growth?

For hair growth, Amway Nutrilite Biotin Cherry Plus is the best supplement that promotes good health in hair, skin and nails. Keep in mind that this supplement intake should be coupled with a balanced nutritional diet, adequate exercise and rest, and healthy food choices in order to achieve the best results.

How do I become a member of Amway?

To register as an Amway Business Owner (ABO), head to Amway’s registration site to fill out your basic information including citizenship, age, marital status, referral, personal details, and Sponsor ABO’s details. This will then be followed by payment of a membership fee for the first year.