Hailing all the way from Japan, anello bags in Singapore have become a hit for its style and quality. Offering an array of trendy bags, anello Singapore is affordable and accessible, making it easy for people of all backgrounds to get their hands on them. anello backpacks have especially become a favorite not only for its designs but also for its practicality. Other designs of bags like anello sling bags, totes, and clutch are also available for those looking for an extra edge in their daily ensemble. Read more to find out why people are obsessed with anello bags below.


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Coolest Anello Bag Accessories We Totally Can’t Resist in 2019

At this point, you might have owned one of the Anello backpacks or you’re using it on a day-to-day basis. Now you might want to carry another smaller Anello piece to keep your backpack neat and tidy. Other than producing backpacks, Anello boasts a line of basic accessories that complements its backpacks well. The designs are simple and can easily be must-have items for minimalists and highly organized individuals.

Anello Just Launched Its Latest Collection for SS 2019

Previously we’ve written about various types of Anello bags other than its backpacks. Recently, the Japanese brand that has gained a cult following teased us with its SS2019 collection with a refreshing design. This campaign is aptly named “Bag” to Nature and its theme revolves around outdoor activities. Come on and find out what bags may be up your alley!

How to Pack Anello Backpack for Your Future Travels

Since Anello has taken over the world by storm with its Japanese-style backpacks, the brand can be spotted almost everywhere in the market, no matter on counterfeit products or original products. Articles that teach consumers to differentiate between fake and authentic Anello bags emerged since then. The most commonly seen Anello backpack is the Kuchigane Rucksack which is made of polyester canvas.

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anello Bags Singapore FAQ

Different types of anello bags

How to spot fake anello bag

  1. Examine the label. A real anello bag should come with a centralized logo on its label. The anello logo is 2 diagonal wine bottles intersecting one another to form a square in the middle. The logo should also align with the slogan above it.
  2. Look at the buttons. An original anello bag should have “Carrot Co” engraved on its buttons and older versions would have a 6-star design. If it has any other designs beside these two, your anello bag is most likely fake.
  3. Check the color. Different colors of anello bag will have a specific interior color. For instance, if your bag has a yellow exterior, then the interior must be light blue. Check the picture above to see all the interior colors.
  4. Measure the strap. The straps on an original anello bag will be thicker and wider than the counterfeited bag straps. A fake anello bag strap will also feel less sturdy than the original one.
  5. Count the tags. A real anello bag will come with three different tags, although older models might come with two. A surefire way to determine the authenticity of your bag is to check if the model name and the color stated on the tag matches your bag.

Anello Bags Singapore – What’s the craze all about?

If you walk through the streets of Japan, the things that you would notice – their crazy anime cosplays, the Kawaii clothing, sushis and sashimis and lastly, the bags that took over the throne from popular Western designers, Anello bags. When they were launched back in 2005, the Anello backpack was spotted all over Japan and as time went by, this bag started emerging everywhere, all over the world while collecting a huge cult following. As a brand that is widely popular among students thanks to its cute and unique design and its huge storage capability, Anello bags are ultimate bags if you are looking for backpacks.

Anello Bags Singapore – Differentiating the real from the fakes

When something gets really popular, there are bound to have fakes everywhere for those who don’t really care about what they are purchasing. This happens to be the same case for Anello bags too. With the increase in the popularity meter, Anello has seen its fair share of fakes everywhere. But as a fan of Anello, how do you know if what you are getting is the real deal or not?

Here are some ways you can differentiate you fakes from the real ones.

  1. Price - If the price of the bags you see anywhere is significantly lower than the official retail price, it’s a flashing red sign.
  2. Cards/Tags – Typical Anello bags comes with 3 cards attached to the bag via tag fastener.
    • Card 1 - ATTENTION – Written in Japanese, It’s the details on how to take care of your bag. Includes 2 liner address and production country “made in China”.
    • Card 2 - Anello Branded Card printed on a white, rough surface card. The back of this card has Anello’s official social media accounts and website carrot-co.com.
    • Card 3 - Tag with Model Name, colour, price, bar code and 2 liner address. Text is printed on the card.
  1. Logo & Font – Bold, larger font and well-spaced.
  2. Rivets – The typical Anello bag comes with a round head, rivet.
  3. Hardware - both zippers and hardware are in golden colours.

Anello Bag Singapore– Bags you totally need

Anello Canvas Backpack - This bag is the best-selling backpack in Japan simply because it is a masterpiece that consists of both beauty and functionality in affordable price with a lot of color and style variations.
Anello Camo Backpack - This stylish Anello backpack is a must-buy for camo bag lovers. There are document and cell phone pockets on the inside; the design is also perfect for the perfectionist who likes to have a well-organized backpack, not to mention the toad-mouth-a-like zipper of main compartment pocket which is large and convenient to put your stuff into the bag.
Anello Porikyan Backpack - This beautiful Anello bag is made of durable and light-weight polyester fabric. It also has an extra zipper at the back which is very practical if you would like to access your stuff quickly.
Anello USA Flag Denim Backpack - This bag comes with a 6 cm shoulder drop, made of 600D Polyester Denim fabric. With its minimalist style, flexibility and capacity can be increased significantly. You can put small to medium size laptop into the bag, and some daily-used items into both side and front pockets.

So what are you waiting for? Get your perfect, spacious, unique Anello bag exclusively from iprice singapore.