Meeting your satisfaction in terms of function and design, Anello Singapore brings you a wide selection of bags that would suit any style. From afar, you can instantly recognize an Anello bag because of its unique and modern design. Check out the brand's large selection of backpacks and handbags online or read more about Anello backpacks below.


Anello Backpacks - Function and Style in One

Giving you a wide selection of different bags and packs, Anello Singapore takes style and comfort to the next level with their unique and recognizable bag designs. Established in 2005, Anello first gained popularity in Japan where the brand became a staple for fashionistas. Because of its large compartment, easy access, and stylish design, all of a sudden everybody wants an Anello backpack.

Anatomy of an Anello Backpack

Like following a fashion trend, it is every fashionista's dream to get their hands on an Anello backpack. Not only is it a staple in today's looks, it is also a functional bag that serves a purpose to protect and carry your daily essentials.

Wide Opening

Among the features that you would normally see on an Anello backpack is its wide opening to access the main compartment. This allows you to see everything that is in the bag, organize, and store your stuff.

Accessible Exterior Pockets

If the main compartment is not enough space for your things, you can always use the exterior pockets for foldable umbrellas or drinking bottles. There's also a large exterior front zipper to keep your charger, towels, or any small accessories.

The Secret Tunnel

Another great thing about an Anello backpack is a secret tunnel at the back which is a 29cm zipper that allows you to access your things while still wearing the bag.


The bag is also super-lightweight weighing only 470g (canvas series), allowing you to carry the bag even if it's fully loaded. Its high-quality, padded shoulder straps also does the job well to keep your back and shoulders from being weighed down.

Anello Backpacks that you Should Have

Anello Leather Casual Backpack

Made from durable and stylish PU leather, this Anello backpack comes in a wide selection of shades including Camel Beige, Black, Brown, and Ivory. While this bag may be relatively smaller compared to other Anello bags, it is certainly a classy and elegant way to organize your essentials.

Anello Camo Backpack

If you are a big camo fan, then this Anello backpack would certainly take your breath away. This bag features a document and cellphone pockets in the main compartment which adds functionality to the whole bag.

Anello Porikyan Backpack

The classic Anello bag that we all know and love, this Anello backpack is made from high-quality, durable, and lightweight polyester in a beautiful combination of red, white, and blue.

Anello USA Flag Denim Backpack

If you want to be fun and edgy, then this Anello USA Flag Denim Backpack should be your daily partner! This backpack features a 6cm shoulder drop made from 600D polyester denim, which makes the straps durable without sacrificing comfort.

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