This Finnish mobile game sensation has inspired many products, especially children merchandises. Learn here to find out why Angry Birds achieved its popularity and how to incorporate its merchandise into your children’s lives.

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What Makes Angry Birds So Popular in Singapore

For some, it may be baffling knowing that this mobile video game has over 1 billion downloads. The popularity of the game helped launch a myriad of other products like merchandises, clothing items, and even their own full-length feature film. So, to start off this article, the reasons below might be what makes the Angry Birds games so well-known among people of all ages.

Simple gameplay

Aim, drag, and let go; that’s how simple the gameplay of Angry Birds is. It’s easy to learn and one could master the game in no time as one level only takes one minute to complete. Due to its simplicity, it’s possible that this led to the popularity of Angry Birds. These days, most people prefer the shortest, quickest path to solve a problem and the slingshot mechanism allows for a more enjoyable gameplay.

Comical style and plot

The story follows a flock of birds whose eggs were stolen by a group of green pigs planning to consume the eggs. Knowing that the birds are going to do everything to get their eggs back, the pigs then hid themselves inside a structure made from wood, glass, and stones. The objective of the game is simple: to eliminate all pigs by throwing the birds with a catapult until the structures collapse. As the franchise grows in popularity, Developer Rovio has released spin-off games like Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Rio, and Bad Piggies, which centers around the construction of the pigs’ forts.

Fun characters

Birds are cute to begin with, but what if they were given a background story and intense emotions such as rage and anger? The brightly colored characters add more fun to the gameplay because it appeals to the kids and can soothe the tired eyes of working adults. In the Angry Birds movie, the birds’ and pigs’ backgrounds were explored even more so audiences can relate to the characters’ hardships. Additionally, the game would create new characters like the eagles, hockey birds, skunk birds, and birds who bear an uncanny resemblance to Shakira, Slash, and Freddie Mercury.

Great stress relief

When life is bringing you down, you bet that destroying structures and fighting annoying little green pigs can be a great way to release tension. The simple gameplay also plays a huge part in relieving stress and anger. Unlike console or PC games, players do not need to learn shortcuts or complex movements to achieve the objective of Angry Birds.

Builds frustration

You may think this fact contradicts with the one above, but there were conducted studies that proves frustration is important in gaming. Before you think about it, no, this frustration does not lead to violence as some people might believe. To derail and frustrate the players means that they would be most likely to be hooked or addicted to the game. Hence, increasing game time and ultimately, profits and revenues. The Angry Birds games build frustration slowly and appropriately because it gets more complex as you move on to higher levels.

Invite the birds and the green pigs into your home

If you have young children who happen to love the Angry Birds app and its franchises, why not get them some kitchenware featuring the beloved characters? Compare to the plain ceramic plates or plastic water bottles, give your child’s kitchenware some excitement with Angry Birds merchandises.

  • School lunches. School lunches can be repetitive and unhealthy, so it's best if you pack lunch from home. To elevate your children’s lunches, create a bento-style box with Angry Bird-shaped rice balls or sausages and place them inside the Angry Birds lunchboxes. You can even match the lunchboxes with an Angry Bird stationery like pencil cases.
  • Birthday parties. All parents must know how much children love themed birthday parties, so you should add some flare with Angry Birds napkins, plates, cups, and mats. You can also bring it to the next level by decorating your birthday venue with Angry Birds balloons, toys, and Angry Bird-themed food.
  • Movie time. Give your children some relaxation time accompanied by the birds and pigs of Angry Birds. Put on your child’s favorite pajamas, turn on the Angry Birds movie, give them popcorn in the Angry Bird stainless steel bowl, sit back, and relax.
  • Sports try-outs. It’s important to involve your children in sporty activities whether it’s at school or in the little league. To motivate and ensure enough water intake, use the Angry Birds water bottle and tumbler.

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