Apple Watches are more than just a wristwatch. It is an innovation from one of the biggest technology companies today. For busy bees, this is a watch that can redefine your productivity habits. How? Find out more about Apple Watches here.

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5 Essential Uses of an Apple Watch

Wearable technology is now a thing. Apple, being one of the biggest names in smartphones, of course, won’t want to be left behind. The Apple Watch is the company’s answer to the growing popularity of wearable devices made to complement phones and tablets, only that this smartwatch is made to work together with iOS devices. If you are an iOS user and you’re wondering how the Apple Watch could make a difference in your day-to-day grind aside from telling you what time it is, below are some of its helpful features that will change the way you use your iPhone.

Answer calls or read messages hands-free

Basically, the primary function of an Apple Watch aside from being a clock strapped to your hand is that it provides a hands-free experience when going through text messages and answering calls. This is a handy feature for people who are always on the go. As long as the iPhone is just nearby, the Apple Watch can take over the communication feature of your iPhone and let you communicate hands-free.

Keep track of your fitness

Small it may be but the Apple Watch is packed with various technologies that could monitor your fitness and physical activity. If you’re a fitness buff and you follow a fitness regimen to achieve a health goal, then the Apple Watch has everything that you need to make it easier for you to keep track of. The Apple Watch is equipped with the following health and fitness technology

  • Heart Rate Monitor - Through the Apple Health app on your iOS device, you can keep track of your heart rate while wearing the Apple Watch.
  • Accelerometer and GPS - The accelerometer is not just a technology that’s used as a sensor to change the orientation of a phone’s display automatically. In smartwatches, it functions as a sensor to measure the steps of the wearer. Paired with a GPS, this smartwatch can count your steps and the distance that you have reached.

Street navigation

The Apple Watch has maps installed to it. Together with its GPS, Siri can provide you with a turn by turn navigation if you need help with the directions. Who needs Waze if you have this gem working its wonders on your wrist?

Virtual assistant Siri

Siri’s purpose isn’t just limited to being a tour guide. The Apple Watch itself also comes with a full-featured Siri. She can read your text messages, open a certain app for you, set up your alarm, look for information on the internet, and even answer silly questions.

Browse the internet

The screen of Apple Watch may be small but that doesn’t stop it from providing you access to the internet. You can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi connectivity and do a quick browse. Since its display is a touch screen, typing wouldn’t really be a problem. However, voice recognition is always there to make this experience a lot easier for you.

FAQs on Apple Watch Singapore

1) Is Apple Watch cheaper in Singapore?

Although the price of smartwatches is fixed by Apple Store, the difference in currency exchange should be taken into consideration. One tip to get an Apple watch at a cheaper price is to wait for a year after the release. You might occasionally chance upon cheaper Apple watches online a few months after the release as well. So, do keep an eye out for the price changes of Apple watches on iPrice Singapore from time to time!

2) Is it worth it to buy an Apple Watch?

Apple’s smartwatches might have come with an intimidating price tag, but they are pricey for various reasons. Most of the basic tasks you perform on an iPhone are ones that the Apple Watch is capable of doing as well - notifications, messaging, health and fitness, listening to media, answering phone calls, and even using the calculator app. Treat your Apple Watch like your personal assistant that alerts you to your phone.

Apple Watch Series 5 is the newest watch released by Apple with some alterations in display technology and a switch to the new S5 chip, which is almost identical to the processor in Apple Watch 4. Keeping your watch face visible at all times is what the new Always-On display is for. You’ll no longer need to tap on the touch screen or raise your wrist to activate the display. When it’s not in use, the display will only go dim, with the exception of watch hands that stay visible. This is to help preserve its battery life.

But even with an always-on display option, tons of health tracking features, a built-in compass feature, this watch still comes equipped with 18-hour battery life that is certainly going to last all day long.

If you don’t wish to be tethered to your phone all the time and want to monitor your physical health, Apple Watch Series 5 will be a worthwhile investment. It is also ideal for the elderly at home who needs extra attention to their heart rate or need to make an emergency call when experiencing difficulty moving about.

It comes with four finishes - stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, and ceramic. The stainless steel variant comes in silver, space black, and gold colours; the aluminium variant is available in silver, space grey, and gold shades. Whereas the titanium model appears in a darker shade of silver and space black, while white colour is the sole option available for the ceramic variant.