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Microwave Buying 101 - A Quick Guide

The microwave is a staple household appliance in most homes but it has been relegated simply for heating up food. They are great for reheating leftovers, popping popcorn, and even making quick meals!

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Bought a Fanco Ceiling Fan or simply want to purchase an add on for your current Fanco Ceiling Fan, look no further. Fanco LK402-4L Light Kit will beautify your home as well add more brightness to you living space.It comes in 3 Light, 4 Light and 5 Lights. Options to purchase the 4 or 5 models will be made available to you at the end of this listing. For dining area and small bedroom, a 3 Light Kit is sufficient. 4 and 5 Light Kits can be used in living rooms and big bedrooms. There is no right or wrong to any one of the options, its just your preference. A single bulb given free with this light kit gives you a 20 watts of bulb power....as such, a 3 light kit will give you a 60 watt bulb power. Purchase it as per your requirements.The shades are made of ABS, a plastic type material that has a characteristic of being extremely long lasting and is very resistant to heat, in this case, the 20 watts bulb.When you purchase this Fanco LK402-4L light kit, we will include, totally FREE, 4 pcs of 20 Watts Halogen Bulbs. Now with the free bulbs, your order is now complete. You will need to engage the service of a qualified and trained personnel to install this light kit for you. However, if you are also purchasing a compatible fan, as listed below, and wish to pay for the installation of the fan, this light kit will be installed on the fan Free.List of Fanco Ceiling Fans compatible with this Fanco Light KitFanco FFM2000 52"Fanco Air Fresh 54"Fanco Air Track 56"Fanco Air Track 48"Fanco Air Vox 42"Fanco Signature 3 36"Fanco Signature 2 50"This model of Light Kit comes in 4 colours. We will call you, upon your purchase to ask you which color you wish to have. Read more
*Prices updated on 18 Aug 2017

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Vacuum Cleaners

As an integral tool in keeping your home clean and tidy, the vacuum cleaners will be your best friends in getting rid of dusts and dirt from the floor and other surfaces. While looking something that you see from sci-fi, the robotic vacuum cleaners are wonderful products that prove to be ideal as these automated cleaners clean your home while you are away. If you require a portable vacuum cleaner, the handheld vacuum cleaners are able to reach that certain narrow areas where traditional vacuum cleaners are unable to do so.

Laundry Machines

While getting your clothes to be cleaned and dried can be a mundane activity, the laundry machines are there in making your life to be more comfortable and convenient at the same time. Nowadays, the highly efficient washing machines can wash your clothes without using a lot of water in the process. As for the drying machines, they are essential in drying your clothes in an instant.

Eat Well & Live Long

Cooker Hoods
Basically, the cooker hoods are essential in our modern lifestyle as they can remove airborne grease, fumes, smoke, odor, heat, steam and other combustion products from the air by filtration and evacuation of the air. In other words, this means that you will be getting cleaner air especially in the kitchen.
Essentially, the cookers come in many sizes and shapes that suit your needs. However, most are being designed specifically to cook either rice or other food. Not just that, some cookers utilize pressure cooking, steaming or others. Yet, the multi-cookers exist so that you do not worry about getting the wrong cooker since they can pretty cook your food in a variety of ways.
As the cooktops are important part of your kitchen, you will be spoilt for choice when picking the one that will suit your own preference. This is because cooktops also operate differently as one of them can be relying on gas, electric, induction or downdraft. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, choose wisely!
Coffee Machines
Unsurprisingly, the coffee machines have became increasingly used in many homes, offices or other places. As the coffee emerges as one of the favorite beverages for both office workers and homemakers, the presence of coffee machines are truly a blessing. The coffee machines enable you to make tasty coffee in no time.
From making fresh juices to delicious smoothies, the blenders are the lovely products that you need in your kitchen. As you operate the blender, you will find there is a plenty of recipes that you do with it. Aside from quenching your thirst, you can also enjoy healthier lifestyle with blenders.
When you are in the hurry, the microwaves are just the products that can cook your food in no time. Thanks to modern innovation, the microwave ovens are not about reheating your food since they can even cook pre-prepared meals to perfection as well as defrosting your frozen food.
When you mention about fryers, you will immediately smell that lovely fried smell of your favorite French fries in your mind. Not only them, you can use fryers to fry chicken, fish, vegetables, donuts, onion rings and more.
Available in different sizes and shapes, mixers are your simple kitchen appliances that enable to stir, whisk or beat in a more automated process. Believe me, you definitely need them to make cakes, pastries, pudding and others. With selectable speed options available, you can have better control over your mixture.
When you need to store your food or other perishable items at temperatures below 0 Celsius, the freezers are your best friends for such task. Some of the freezers come with the useful ice dispensers.
Maintaining temperature that is slightly above of the freezing point of a water, the refrigerators offer the optimum storage environment for your food and others. The best thing is some new refrigerators have been equipped with the innovative defrosting feature as well as dispensing ice.
Whether for breakfast or supper, the toasters make sure that you always have a plate of toasts around. Aside from that, there are tons of recipes that you can do with your toasters around.

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Air Conditioners

The cooling power that the air conditioners provide is simply incredible as it quickly engulfs the room in no time. Contrary to popular belief, the current air conditioners are so highly advanced that they actually consume less power than their predecessors. Not sure that, they have been designed to be eco-friendly as well. Nowadays, the air conditioners come in several different types: portable, wall mounted and ceiling mounted air conditioners.


Despite the availability and potential of air conditioners, the fans still have their place when it comes to cooling your room or home. While fans do not actually decrease the temperature of the room, the fans just blow away the heat that surrounds your own body. Eventually, this enables the natural cooling of your body to work naturally and effectively at the same time.

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