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The kitchen is the heart and soul of a household. Letting you create your favorite dishes, this is the place where the real magic happens. That is why equipping your kitchen with the best appliance is necessary to cook your all-time favorite meals. Among the appliances that you need are cookers, be it steamers, hobs, or traditional rice cookers. Scroll down below for the best offers on cookers or read more about the different types of cookers your kitchen should have.

> Charcoal Coated for better rice taste! @Heat efficiency The inner pot is made of cast iron, which has superior heat efficiency. It conveys heat to the most deep part inside, and enables each grain of rice thoroughly cooked. less electricity, more heat efficiency *others : high electricity consumption *cast iron : less electricity consumption @Duability & heat preservance The inner pot is made with ‘spraying method’, a process that sprays melted iron at the surface of pot, which makes it more durable and efficient. *sprays 2000℃ melted iron -sprayed iron -stainless -aluminum -stainless -aluminum Premiun IH rice cooker *What is IH? IH is an acronym of Induction Heating. Unlike other rice cookers which heat only the bottom of inner pot, IH rice cooker’s inner pot is directly heated with induction coil, This makes rice taste better. - rice cooking time : IH rice cooker 9 minute - energy consumption comparision : IH rice cooker 355Wh - rice quality : Thorough heating or inner pot makes more delicious rice. Charcoal coated inner pot! -wrinkle layer -powder layer -charcoal coated layer -quench layer The special wrinkle layer prevents scratch, and the charcoal coating produces infarred ray to make rice more delicious. 3 layered power packing clean cover Auto steam insulation Auto steam insulation is a special technology of CUCHEN, which preserves rice moisture and taste for long time. Reserved insulation & Smart insulation Smart insulation maintains the interior temprature according to exterior temperature, and reserved insulation regulates the temperature of rice cooker with minimal electricity. *Reserved insulation : energy consumption 40% reduced One-touch Separable clean cover The clean cover can be easily separated and washed, and its improved power packing technology keeps cover tight, and preserves heat and rice taste. CUCHEN auto steam wash Pour small amount of water in the rice cooker and select‘auto wash’ menu to start auto wash. The powerful steam will solve the clogging inside nozzle. Fast mixed grain rice cooking The powerful heat and special technology of Lihom CUCHEN enabled 29 minute rice cooking. detail page url > http://agdetail.image-gmkt.com/689/410/704410689/img/donoshop.godohosting.com/digital/cooker/CJH-BT0602IC_eng.jpg Read more

Cookers - a Convenient, and Efficient Way of Cooking

Cookers such as steamers, mini-induction cookers, and the usual rice cookers are convenient appliances that every household should have. Compared to cooking on a stove, these cookers are time-saving, and can be easily controlled with several power and heat setting which helps distributes heat or steam evenly, making your dishes tastier and more flavorful.

Table-top cookers - what are they?

Table-top cookers are any appliance not larger than a traditional microwave about 50 cm in width that can sit on top of your kitchen counter and help you cook food. There are many types of table-top cookers such as induction cookers, steam cookers, ovens, and your traditional rice cookers. These appliances are great for apartments, or small living spaces for not more than 3 people. Because of its compact body yet full-size capacity, more and more people are switching to table-top cookers.

Different types of cookers

Compared to conventional hobs, cookers create heat from electricity which are transferred to heat plates at the bottom of the appliance, others simply produce steam which cooks the food, or a combination of both. Here are different types of cookers that you should have in your kitchen:

Rice cookers

Rice cookers are the most popular choice of cookers today because it is convenient, easy-to-use, and helps you cook rice better without burning it. Aside from that, some rice cookers today have built-in steamers that allows you to cook and steam other types of food while cooking rice.


Like the name suggests, steamers are cookers designed to produce steam which cook food. Steam produced from the heat underneath produce the right temperature to cook food such as dimsum, vegetables, corn, and so much more!

Induction cookers

If you think kitchen hobs are a little bit too big and take up too much space, then an induction cooker would definitely fit your lifestyle. Think of it as an electric kitchen hob which produces heat using hot plates powered by electricity.

Slow cookers

Slow cookers are an amazing appliance to have which let’s you cook amazing meals like chili, braised beef, and so much more! Instead of cooking your food instantly, slow cookers take hours to cook your food with minimum heat, ensuring a tasty and flavorful meal.

Shop for cookers on iPrice

Aside from the mentioned cookers, there are also multi-purpose cookers which let’s you cook more than one meal at a time. From steamed fish and vegetables, dimsum, and rice to more complex meals, cookers are always a convenient appliance to have. Check out our selection of cookers from brands such as Cuckoo, Philips, Elba, and so much more!

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