An electric shaver is everyone's best friend when a little trimming and cleaning of facial hair (or other places) is needed. Electric shavers are fast, efficient, simple to use, and easy to clean - wasting you no time in the morning before you are heading out on the road again. Read more, click.


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iPrice Singapore - Shaving, the easier way

Electric shavers, or also known as electric razors, are basically an automated set of blades that gives us the convenience of shaving faster and more efficiently than with a manual set of razor blades. Unlike manual razors however, the blades of an electric shaver typically move in circular motions (in oscillations) and most often does not require the use of any lubrication in the form of shaving cream, soap, or water.

iPrice Singapore - How did the electric shaver came about?

The electric razor first came about in the form of a electric dry shaver patent in 1930 by American manufacturer Schick. Several others came and took development of the electric shaver further, and the Philips electronic brand is the first one who invented the now mostly standard rotary electric shaver design.

iPrice Singapore - Electric shaver design

Most electric shavers today use the rotary blade design that was invented by Philips. It is basically a set of three rotary blades that are located at the head of the electric shaver. The body of the electric shaver also largely remains the same with different manufacturers and brands: Focusing on a very comfortable grip that allows for easy control – only very slight differences exists in the design of the body.

Although most electric shavers were meant for use on dry skin only, recent developments have led to more versatile models which are able to shave on both wet and dry skins. This brings about two different advantages: Cleaning is made easier as users are able to use water to clean out the head, and for those with slightly more sensitive skin can opt for shaving creams (some of which are made specifically for use with an electric shaver).

Electric shavers also come in two different types: Electric shavers that require a direct plug into a power plug and battery-powered electric shavers.

  • The shavers that require to be plugged in constantly usually has a braided or rubber covered power cable that comes out one end to be plugged into a power port.
  • Battery-powered ones either come with removable batteries or built-in rechargeable ones. The rechargeable ones either come with an external charging device, a removable charging cable, or a flip out charging prong to plug into a socket directly.

iPrice Singapore - Advantages of using an electric shaver

An electric shaver brings a lot of added benefits and convenience to our lives, albeit having to charge it or plug it in a minor inconvenience.

  • Electric shavers save you a lot of time. Most electric shavers don't require any lather or wetting the skin beforehand; and it also requires little to no change of blades.
  • Designed to protect the skin: Electric shavers minimize skin cuts and is best described as gliding over the skin to shave off hair.
  • Can shave anywhere on the body safely without the worry of cutting or nicking your own skin.
  • Some electric shavers come with adjustable settings that can be tuned ot your preferences.

iPrice Singapore - Famous brands

The very famous razor blade brands are also the best brands to purchase an electric shaver from, such as Schick and Philips.