The weather in Singapore can get pretty unpredictable and the easiest and most affordable way to combat the heat is with table fans in Singapore. Click here to read more about table fans!


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KDK A30AS Table Fan S$ 57.70 Shopee
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PowerPac Ifan If402 Desk Fan S$ 45.90 Qoo10
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Aerogaz 16 Table Fan Az-161Ft S$ 45.90 Shopee
KDK 707 16″ Desk Fan Fsd5016 S$ 35.99 Shopee
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KDK A30AS Table Fan

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Everything you need to know about table fans

Providing a cheap and quick cooling solution, air conditioning is being replaced by various types of fans. Not only are they a convenient way to cool the house, they also come in nice designs compared to air conditioning system. Although, most of us are familiar with the ceiling fan, the newer technology has made fans practical as well as providing more comfort options for many households. Read on to learn more about table fans.

Purchasing the fan

First and foremost, it is important to ask yourself “why do I need a fan?” This is because; the question acts as a guide to your other considerations when it comes to searching for the right fan. Table fans are also known as residential fans are ideal for personal use such as cooling around the house, including your bedroom, living room, or patio. It is also portable which makes it easier to transfer from one room to another. They are often designed with versatility in mind and come in streamlined styles and a vast range of interesting colours.

Do keep in mind that not all table fans are created equal as some may consist of blades, a motor or power sources, and structures that keep it upright (stands, legs, bases). The most common types of table fans are pedestal fans and bladeless fans. Pedestal fans have a traditional blade and housing design attached to an upright pole. On the other hand, bladeless fans made famous by Dyson, create airflow without spinning blades.

Another important aspect to look out is the features of the table fan. It does not matter if your fan is for your bedroom or patio, you will want certain features to best suit your usage. Generally, there are two oscillation options where the airflow sweeps across the room or is focused on a certain spot. There are certain table fans which gives you the option of different oscillation patterns or speeds. Furthermore, do look out for other features such as programmable timers, adjustable airflow direction, mobility, user-friendly controls, remote control access, low noise output, multiple fan speeds, power options and many more.

Maintaining/Cleaning the fan

It is essential to maintain your table fan as it helps to extend the life of them by years. Firstly, switch of the fan and unplug it from the electrical outlet as it will prevent any electrocution from happening. As dust and dirt can collect between the motor housing at the back, simply clean it with a handheld vacuum so that air is able to circulate into the motor. After that, remove the grills by unclipping the brackets and proceed to clean the blades. You can opt to clean the blades while it is attached to the fan. It is also possible to remove the fan blades and allow it to soak in soapy water in order to remove the accumulated dust. The other parts of the fan can be wiped down with a lint-free cloth.