Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. It is only understandable that you equip your kitchen with only the best home appliances you can get your hands on, and among these appliances are refrigerators. There are many types of refrigerators that you can use in your kitchen, read more about them below or check out our selection of available refrigerators from the biggest brands online!

How to choose the right refrigerator? | Which refrigerator brand is the best in Singapore?


Top Fridges Price List 2021

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Samsung RT22FARAD S$ 508.00 Lazada
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Electrolux EUM0900SA S$ 329.00 Shopee
Electrolux EME3500MG S$ 909.00 Shopee
Tecno TFR1288 Lemon S$ 455.00 Shopee
PowerPac PPFZ60 S$ 152.00 Shopee
Europace ER9250 S$ 158.00 Lazada
Samsung RR39M7 S$ 1,578.00 Shopee
Tecno TFR1288 Olive S$ 463.00 Shopee
Hitachi R-V480P8MS Refrigerator Brilliant Black S$ 809.00 Shopee
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Samsung RT22FARAD

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Refrigerators - A Modern Kitchen Necessity

Refrigerators are appliances that help to keep your food and other items fresh. The cold temperature inhibits bacteria that break down organic matter i.e. your food items and groceries, which keeps it crisp and ready to be cooked or eaten. Almost every household today has a refrigerator; our kitchen is never complete without one.

Types of Refrigerators

If you are looking for the perfect refrigerator, the first thing that you need to do is determine what type of refrigerator would suit your needs and your lifestyle. There are six types of refrigerators to choose from:

  1. Top Freezer
  2. Bottom Freezer
  3. Side by side
  4. Built-in
  5. Compact
  6. Outdoor

Top Freezer Fridge

Revered as the most common type of refrigerator, a top freezer provides a spacious interior with the freezer located at the top, hence the name.

Bottom Freezer Fridge

The exact opposite of a top freezer, a bottom freezer gives users better access to food items inside the fridge without bending over. Aside from that, items from the freezer are also easier to access since the freezer door may be pulled out or swing open. One thing to keep in mind about bottom freezer refrigerators is that they have lower energy efficiency than top-freezer refrigerators.

Side by Side Fridge

A side by side fridge features both the freezer and the cooler right next to each other, making your food items easier to reach, plus this type of fridge is designed to accommodate bigger plates, containers, and platters.

Built-in Fridge

Made to go with your kitchen decor, a built-in fridge is constructed to blend in with the rest of your kitchen cabinetry, and thus a little bit expensive. It often has less depth but compensates for the width to accommodate more food items, plates, containers, etc.

Compact Fridge

Perfect for tight spaces in dorm rooms, offices, bedrooms, apartment rooms, etc., a compact fridge features a small body that can be placed under or over countertops. Though it provides less capacity and accommodates less, it is compact and can be used in small living spaces.

Outdoor Mini Fridge

Your camping trip or picnic with loved ones will not be complete without an outdoor mini fridge especially under the hot sun. The highly portable outdoor mini fridge comes with a detachable power cord that allows you to power it up by connecting it to your car’s charging outlet. Even after disconnecting it, the insulation in the mini-fridge can still keep your stored food or drinks cool. With a storage space that can accommodate up to 6 canned drinks, the fridge is perfect for keeping desserts or cold salads too.

How to choose the right refrigerator?

A refrigerator adds modernity to your kitchen in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Here are several tips that would help you make the right choice when shopping for fridges.

  • Budget: The first thing that you need to consider when buying a refrigerator is how much you are willing to pay for one and whether it’s for temporary or for the long term.
  • Size and Space: Secondly, you should consider the size of the refrigerator and how much you need to fit your lifestyle. If you are living alone, then a fridge with a storage capacity of 18-20 cubic feet would suffice. For families, an average of 26-29 cubic feet refrigerator would definitely be needed.
  • Aesthetics: Refrigerators come in several styles and finish so choose a fridge that suits your changing taste.
  • Energy Efficiency: There are refrigerators that are more energy-efficient than others, so choose one that is energy star-rated which uses 20% less energy than others.
  • Extra Features: Look for other features in your refrigerators such as air filter, child locks, special smart features that can sync to mobile devices, built-in ice-maker, water dispenser, or even extended warranties.

Which refrigerator brand is the best in Singapore?

There are various kitchen appliance brands that manufacture different types of fridges. Listed below are just some of the best fridges in Singapore:

What is the best wine fridge?

For a mid-sized wine fridge, you may want to go for the elegant-looking EuropAce EWC 1331S that can accommodate up to 33 bottles. Adding to its classiness are warm lights that turn the wines into a stunning display. It has a 3-layer transparent glass door that provides consistent insulation for the interior. Built with anti-vibration technology, rest assured your wines will remain in tip-top condition.

If you prefer a compact wine cooler that doesn’t cost a fortune, the Farfalla FWC-40BK is one of the cheapest options in the market. Not only is it portable and light, but the wine cooler also keeps your wine bottles cool at all times, thanks to its thermoelectric cooling system that maintains the cool air at a good temperature range of 12 to 18°C. In this fridge, you can store up to 12 bottles of wine.

How much space is needed around a refrigerator?

Once a new fridge arrives at your kitchen, it is necessary to leave about 25mm of free space around the top, back and sides to allow for better heat circulation. Make sure that the space surrounding your fridge is free of clutter, and that it doesn’t hinder you from moving about the kitchen freely.

How do you know if your fridge is dying?

Here are a few telltale signs to know if your fridge is nearing its end of life and needs a replacement:

  • Food turns stale before the expiration date
  • The interior temperature isn’t cooling enough
  • Moisture appears on the exterior
  • Buzzing noise can be heard even after restarting the fridge power
  • Frost builds up in the freezer
  • The fridge is over 10 years old
  • Significantly higher electricity bill even if your electric usage remains consistent

Shop for the best refrigerators in Singapore!

A fridge is an essential part of your kitchen that keeps your food or perishable products fresh and ready for consumption or use. If you are looking for refrigerators online in Singapore, take a look at our refrigerators from a wide selection of brands such as Hitachi, Panasonic, Electrolux, Samsung, Sharp, EuropAce, and so many more at iPrice Singapore, your one-stop price comparison site!