A refrigerator is one of the most important home appliances that every kitchen needs. If you’re staying in a smaller living space like a dormitory or apartment, a mini-fridge might be the best option to store your food. As a substitute to larger coolers, the small design of mini ones will fit in your place nicely. Read more to find out what you should know before purchasing a mini cooling fridge in Singapore!

What is the best mini fridge to buy? | How cold is a mini fridge supposed to be? | How much is a mini fridge in Singapore?


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Midea MS-50 S$ 149.00 Lazada
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Europace ER9250 S$ 158.00 Lazada
Smeg FAB10HRNE S$ 1,999.00 Lazada
PowerPac PPF170 S$ 289.00 Shopee
Smeg FAB10HRR S$ 1,999.00 Lazada
PowerPac PPFZ60 S$ 152.00 Shopee
PowerPac PPBF555 S$ 145.00 Lazada
Farfalla TSE1283X S$ 136.22 Lazada
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Midea MS-50

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All You Need to Know Before Buying A Mini Fridge

Mini Fridge Buying Guide

Here are some things you need to look at before purchasing your own mini cooler:

  • Size and Capacity

If you’re a student living in a dormitory room, a small space might be a problem for you to have a decent cooler. Thankfully a mini-fridge can help people like you! To begin with, you need to measure the available space of your room to locate the cooler. Keep in mind to leave at least three or four inches of empty space to separate cooler from the surrounding wall. Moreover, you also need to consider how much space you’ll need from the fridge. If you are only storing light snacks and canned drinks, you might only need a small one. If you’d like to store more things inside, a larger mini-fridge might be a better fit for you.

  • Freezer Capacity

If you’re a fan of frozen foods and using mini-coolers as a substitute for a bigger fridge in your kitchen, you might need to purchase a mini cooler that comes with a freezer in it. However, a freezer compartment in coolers uses more energy and lessen the amount of space for normal chiller. If you don’t regularly store ice creams, drinks, or meat, you might buy the fridge alone without freezer functions. Remember to identify what items you’ll be storing the most.

  • Energy Consumption

Remember to enquire about power consumption before making any purchases. A cooler with better energy efficiency will result in lower electrical bills. An eco-friendly fridge might be more expensive than the regular one since it comes with better materials and quality. However, it is worth it for future investment as energy-saving technology has a better environmental impact.

What is the best mini fridge to buy?

The Danby 4.4 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge is the best overall mini fridge with plenty of interiors space at 4.4 cubic feet. It is more than just a simple beverage refrigerator. It features a reversible door, beverage dispensing rack, and an above-average size freezer. The adjustable shelving creates space just enough for the needs of two to three college students. This small cooler is perfect for you to place anywhere in your living space, from the kitchen to even your bedroom. With plenty of features offered, Danby Mini Fridge also comes with a considerable price point that won’t hurt your bank account.

The second best compact refrigerator that’s worth considering is the 1.6 cubit foot Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator. It features one shelf with a partition that divides the fridge in two and additional storage in the door that accommodates a 1-litre bottled drink and some canned drinks. On top of the shelf is a mini freezer for small frozen items or ice cubes. This type of space-saving refrigerator is commonly seen in budget hotels and is ideal for those who don’t usually store a huge amount of food and drinks.

How cold is a mini fridge supposed to be?

The main function of a mini refrigerator is to keep your food and beverage cold and fresh. The average temperature of a small fridge-bar is around 40 degrees. However, if you’re planning to store dairy products and meats inside it, you have to lower the temperature below 40 degrees to avoid harmful bacteria.

How long do bar fridges last?

A standard refrigerator usually lasts from 10 to 18 years, with an average of 14 years of life expectancy. Meanwhile, a small bar fridge has a shorter life span than a standard fridge that goes anywhere between 6 and 14 years of life. It is best to have a minimum of a 1-year standard warranty to protect your cooling storage from any unwanted damage. Make sure to enquire about warranty and product services before purchasing any bar fridge.

How much is a mini fridge in Singapore?

The price of a mini-fridge might vary depending on the type and brand you’re planning to get. You can choose small fridges from brands like Midea, Samsung, Smeg, Farfalla, and Beko.

Check out the latest deals, sales, and discounts with iPrice Singapore. You can compare the product price and select your preferred mini cooling machines. If you plan to store a large number of perishables in the kitchen, you’ll probably need one with a large capacity like Samsung fridges and LG fridges. You can also shop kitchen appliances other than fridges like vacuum cleaners, hand mixers, air purifiers, and coffee machines. Wait no more and shop with iPrice Singapore now!

Where can I buy mini bar fridge in Singapore?

Mini fridges can be found on online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10. Anticipate their monthly sale to get the best deal on a mini refrigerator for your home!

Is it dangerous to have a mini fridge in your room?

Mini fridges are safe to have in the bedroom if you run out of space to accommodate yours. However, there are some limitations. Keep in mind that their cord is not visible or worn out to keep out fire hazard. Ensure that there is ample space behind the fridge for better air circulation. Also, try to place your mini fridge far away from your bed as sleeping next to a fridge can disrupt your sleep cycle and expose you to radiation. Furthermore, avoid placing your mini fridge in direct sunlight, as this will cause the fridge to use up more power to maintain the optimal internal temperature.

Should I bring a mini fridge to college?

If sharing a fridge with other students and bearing high chances of losing your food isn’t an appealing idea to you, then a mini refrigerator with a small freezer compartment might be necessary. And if you generally prefer doing meal prep, a compact fridge will serve its purpose of keeping your raw ingredients and lunchbox fresh. Go for one with a price that suits your budget.