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Keeping your house free from dust and small debris is never easy and tends to take up a lot of time. Hence, you need to make sure that you invest in one of these awesome vacuum cleaners below. A great vacuum cleaner choice is the one that can help decrease the time needed for you to clean your home. Read more about vacuum cleaners in Singapore here below to find out.

> The world-renown corporation with 100 year tradition technology Black & Decker Black and Decker with 100 year tradition is a leader in providing high quality services to customers and customer satisfaction a top priority. *Option 01 Black and Decker 18V Vacuum cleaner PV1820C (without extension tube) components : body, charger, manual *Option 02 Black and Decker 18V Vacuum cleaner PV1820CEXT (with extension tube) components : body, charger, manual, extension hose DETAIL @Powerful 18V Li-ion Black and Decker 18V motor and 18V Li-ion battery offers strong inhalation power and high performance. The using time is 50% increased compared to the former NiCd battery. @Eco smart charging system The eco smart charging system of Black and Decker takes only 4 hours to fully charge the battery. @yclone type dust collecting Cyclone dust collecting type and pivot nozzle design offers the most effective and efficient inhalation. @Stylish pivot design The refined pivot design makes the cleaner itself into a nice interior object. You can adjust the angle of pivot nozzle within 200º range. @3 layered filtering & internal nozzle The inhaled dust and air goes through plastic filter, HD filter and ventilation filter. You can clean the filter with water. There are built-in brush nozzle and corner nozzle with no risk of loss. @Convenient floor cleaning You can connect extension pipe to the vacuum cleaner for more convenient floor cleaning. (Extension pipe is only available in PV1820CEXT model.) Black and Decker wireless vacuum cleaner PV1820C/PV1820CEXT Black and Decker’s patented 18V li-ion wireless vacuum cleaner. It can be used anywhere including house, office or vehicles. COMMMODITY APPELLATION - power switch - pivot switch - pivot nozzle - separation button - narrow nozzle - brush nozzle - one-touch button - dustbin - air exhaust - LED battery indicator PRODUCT CONSTITUTION PV1820C components : body, charger, manual PV1820CEXT components : body, charger, manual, extension hose, extension hose nozzle SPEC product name : PV1820C / PV1820CEXT voltage : 18V inhalation power: 35 AIR WATT using time : 12 min charging time : 4 hrs dustbin capacity: 440ml battery type : Li-ion weight : 1.38kg rotation : 200º color : chrome detail page url > http://donoshop.godohosting.com/digital/cleaner/PV1820C_eng.jpg Read more
> Black and Decker Wireless vacuum cleaner 2 Why Black and Decker? NO.1 technology for consumer renovation nominated *Top 50 corporation with outstanding achievements Color type: orange Small, light yet powerful cyclone wireless vacuum cleaner Features of high capacity vacuum cleaner *Easy-to-use trunk design ▶1.2m extension hose for convenient cleaning *Separable, washable dustbin ▶There is a separable dustbin which makes emptying easier. Also the internal filter can be cleaned with water. @Small size and light weight Flexible trunk type hose There is a built-in 1.2m extension hose that will reach high and narrow places. You can keep the light and flexible hose in the cleaner body. - on the cabinet - on the mirror or frame - stair cleaning Point 2. Convenient in cleaning narrow places *Various nozzles There are 2 in 1 multi brush and narrow nozzle that can be used in many different areas. - radiator grill - cabinet Point 3. Easy pickup *Easy and fast cleaning You can deal with the mess without regarding places. Point 4. One-touch clean *Hygienic management You can empty the dustbin easily by pressing one-touch button, and regularly wash it to keep it clean. *How to clean 1. Press the separate button to detach dustbin from vacuum cleaner. 2. Take the internal filter off from dustbin 3. Clean the filter and dustbox with flowing water. @Solved problems of the former vacuum cleaners! *former cordless cleaner -lack of inhalation power -insufficent dustbin capacity -dull nozzle design inconvenient in cleaning narrow places *former cord cleaner -takes much space -heavy weight -not portable @The specialized hose design *Specialized hose and nozzle design You can use the nozzles to remove the blind spot of cleaning. You can easily put the hose into body for keeping. @Prodcut advantages -There are built-in 2 in 1 brush. -Fast inhalation, easy exhaust -Easy charging with charging dock @One-touch dustbin emptying *Transparent, high capacity dustbin The transparent dustbin can be opened one-touch, and you can check the dust amount through it. Easy to separate! Practical design 1.63kg : 13 * 23.5cm (W * H) @Product information voltage : 14.4V NiCd power (AIR WATT) : 20 AW using time : 12 minutes dustbin capacity : 560ml product size : 13 * 23.5 cm product weight : 1.63kg charger input voltage (AC) : 220V output voltage (DC) : 19V currency : 130mA charging time : 12-16 hours @Product components - body - 2 in 1 brush - narrow nozzle - charging dock @extension pipe (optional purchase) - extension pipe - floor cleaning head - keeping pouch detail page url > http://donoshop.godohosting.com/digital/cleaner/PD1400_eng.jpg Read more

How to Select the Ideal Vacuum Cleaner

Without vacuum cleaner, we cannot imagine how hard it can be to clean the house. As one of the most important appliances, the vacuum cleaner is crucial when it comes to getting rid of dust and dirt in your home. Despite this, many do not know how to choose the suitable vacuum cleaner that matches their needs. Practically, it is another member of your household and this is how you choose your ideal vacuum cleaner.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning bare floors, stairs, drapes, under furniture, and upholstery, canister vacuum cleaner is the best candidate that can perform these tasks effortlessly. If you have a canister vacuum cleaner with a motorized power head attachment, it can be as good as an upright vacuum cleaner especially during carpet cleaning. Most canister vacuum cleaners produce less noise when you use them. Thanks to their separate power heads, they can be lighter.

Despite this, canister vacuum cleaners are still bulky when you compare them with an upright vacuum cleaner. Due to its hose and wand, it is difficult to put canister vacuum cleaner into a closet or other place. If you have back pains, you should not use canister vacuum cleaner

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

As the most popular vacuum cleaner type in the market, the upright vacuum cleaner is the traditional vacuum cleaner that everyone is familiar with. In terms of cost, an upright vacuum cleaner is cheaper than canister vacuum cleaner. It also excels at cleaning carpets especially when you need a deeper cleaning. Most importantly, people prefer upright vacuum cleaners because they are easy to store.

An upright vacuum cleaner is not suitable for cleaning corners or places that are hard to reach. When you hate loud noise, an upright vacuum cleaner will be a bad choice because it is very noisy.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Dedicated and reliable, a robotic vacuum cleaner is the one that helps to clean up the mess while you relax. If your room is uncluttered, you can actually use your robotic vacuum cleaner to touch up certain parts of the room. Along with your regular vacuum cleaner, robotic vacuum cleaner proves indispensable especially when it helps you to cover the specific spot that you overlook in your room.

Some robotic vacuum cleaners are sophisticated enough to find their own way out of tight spots and around extension cords. In fact, latest robotic vacuum cleaners can be controlled via an app on your smartphone. Not just that, you can take advantage of their area mapping so that you do not have to miss a spot.

However, robotic vacuum cleaners can be very expensive and are out of the price range for many people. In addition, robotic vacuum cleaners are still not powerful enough to replace your main vacuum cleaners. You do not expect them to match the deep cleaning that you can get from upright and canister vacuum cleaners. Furthermore, they require more time to maintain than your normal vacuum cleaners.

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