Step out of the middle ages and get with the times! For those still boiling water when in the mood for a hot drink, consider getting a water dispenser. Perfect for the hot days of Singapore or those cold hours spent in the office, water dispensers are essential for a better quality of living. Find out more about water dispensers below.


The Importance of Water Dispensers in Singapore

One thing that doctors love to tell us is that in order to be healthy we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking water on the regular is already challenging for many, but 8 glasses? Nigh impossible. So why not make it easier on yourself and get a water dispenser for your home or get one for your workplace. Not only are water dispensers convenient for drinking regular water, but, get this, you also get variety in your water choices. Say “Goodbye” to ice cubes and tea kettles as most water dispensers also come with the option to instantly heat up water or cool it straight into your cup! Make hot milo in a snap and avoid melted ice water; make your life easier with a hot and cold water dispenser.

Why Should You Get One?

Also called a water cooler, hot and cold water dispensers are essential for households and offices – ever heard of the phrase “water cooler gossip”? – as they give everyone easy access to drinkable water. The lack of clean water in an office environment can also lead to discontent and unrest among employees, so it’d be in your best interest to have one hanging around. Water dispensers also provide a reason for employees to unwind and take a walk after sitting at their desks all day, as well as let them talk to co-workers they would otherwise never interact with. Hydrated – and caffeinated – employees are happy employees.

Different Types of Water Dispensers

There are plenty of considerations to make when it comes to deciding which water dispenser to get and with the variety of water dispensers out there, there isn’t really an easy choice to make. Like buying a new phone, you’ll need to consider plenty of things, such as what size would you prefer, how much money you’re willing to cost, whether you want a free-standing one or one that fits on a countertop, etcetera.

Bottled Water Dispensers

These are the most common water dispensers out there. Tall, with hot and cold water options, these dispensers contain the most amount of water at a time at 5 gallons, but also might be a bit of an inconvenience, as constantly buying bottled water might be too expensive.

Counter Top Water Dispensers Needing to be installed directly to a pipeline, this type of water dispenser is not the first choice for everyone but could be considered one of the longest lasting water dispenser as there is no need to frequently buy bottled water.

When it comes to buying a water dispenser, placing it is also as essential. While a more compact water dispenser might suit you more than a free-standing one, you might not have the space available for it. But the most important thing when it comes to buying a water dispenser for your home or office would be your access to clean drinking water.