Ardell’s lashes can give any women the confidence boost they seek for. With extremely affordable prices, Ardell can be your go-to brand when you need to elevate your eye makeup. Read more here to find out what you need to know before getting a pair of Ardell’s lashes.


Everything You Need to Know About Fake Eyelashes from Ardell Singapore

Fake lashes can be a great accessory that you can add into your daily makeup routine. However, most women often opt to not wear eyelashes because 46% of them don’t know how to apply it correctly and 32% find it too difficult to apply. However, they can create a dramatic effect and are instantly gratifying because you don’t have to worry about flaky mascara. The guide below has everything you need to know when it comes to faux lashes so you can easily elongate and enlarge your eyes.

Ardell has five main styles of faux lashes you can choose: natural, glamour, accent, individuals, and rhinestone. It’s best to select lashes based on the shape of your eyes, for instance, those with smaller eyes can elongate them by using lashes that are thicker on the outer corner. Those with deep-set eyes, a longer lash strip can really lengthen the eye. Ardell’s most popular eyelashes are the Ardell Wispies, the 101, the 105, and the 109. They have specific lashes made for different eye shapes like small eyes, large eyes, almond-shaped shaped, and deep-set eyes.

How to apply Ardell’s false eyelashes the right way

Applying false eyelashes from Ardell Singapore doesn’t have to be intimidating. With the right techniques and the right tools, you don’t have to make fake eyelashes your enemy. Follow the simple steps below so you can practice and perfect your fake eyelash application.

  1. Choose a pair of fake lashes that appeals to you most. Remember to consider the shapes of your eyes and what type of occasion you are going to when choosing your lashes.
  2. Curl your natural lashes before applying the fake lashes to create a shelf for the falsies to sit on.
  3. Take the lashes off its container by rolling the band down. Do not pull it straight off if you want to avoid pulling off or damaging the hairs.
  4. Soften the spine or band of the lashes by gently twisting it or wrapping it around your finger.
  5. Measure the lash against your eye. If it is longer than your lid, snip a little bit off on the inner part so you don’t lose any volume.
  6. Next, apply the glue on the band. Wait for a few minutes until the glue becomes transparent and tacky. You might be tempted to blow on the glue but the germs from the mouth can stick on the glue.
  7. Use a pair of tweezers to place the strip in the center of your lid. Once it sticks, gently push the outer and inner corners down on your lash line either with your tweezers or your finger.
  8. As an optional step, you can finish off by putting a coat of mascara on both your real and fake lashes from Ardell Singapore.
  9. Remove your Ardell false lashes before cleaning the rest of your makeup. Use a cotton swab to slowly peel them off.
  10. Use coconut or almond oil to remove the falsies and moisturize your natural lashes at the same time.

How to take care of your Ardell’s fake lashes

Now that you know how to apply fake eyelashes the right way, maintaining the hygiene of the lashes is also as important. By cleaning your fake eyelashes, you can re-apply them easily and get more uses out of them in the future. Clean them by using the steps below.

  1. Get rid of the glue residue by peeling it off. Not removing the glue residue can cause germs and bacteria to reside in the band of your fake lashes.
  2. Create a cleaning solution by mixing warm water with a little bit of soap in a small bowl. Other than soap, you can also add your liquid makeup remover.
  3. Submerge the faux lashes in the cleaning solution and gently rub them to get rid of the mascara or other leftover makeup.
  4. Let your lashes dry by placing them on a clean handkerchief or by patting them dry with a tissue.

Extra tips before you buy Ardell’s fake lashes

  • High-quality lashes will last longer.
  • High price ≠ high quality. Companies like Ardell often use the same manufacturer as luxury brands.
  • Always remove lashes with oil-free makeup remover.
  • Skip mascara altogether if you’re planning on using the lashes for a long time.
  • Store the lashes in the original packaging.

With these tips, you can make the most out of your false lashes and apply them easily. Here on iPrice, you can find great deals and discounts You can get Ardell eyelashes in Singapore through Lazada, Sephora, Shoppu, and Qoo10. Also, you may purchase skin care and hair care products from Ardell Singapore, too!