Hot water has many uses, and it's especially relaxing when you take a bath with it. Ariston Singapore is your number one water-heating solution. Read more about the benefits of taking a hot bath with Ariston Singapore!


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Why you Should take a Hot Bath with Ariston Singapore?

Soaking or showering with hot water comes with many benefits. This is because; it has surprising effects on the human body. Ariston water heaters are the ideal way of getting hot water in your bathroom. The brand offers instant water heaters and storage water heaters that are easily installed. Even if we live in a hot climate, that should not stop us from taking a hot bath. Read more about the benefits of taking a hot bath with Ariston Singapore.

Helps us Fall Asleep

If you have ever experienced trouble falling asleep, a hot bath or shower could be your quick fix. Hot water helps our body to relax and better prepare us when we fall asleep. Many people end a long day with a hot bath as it helps to raise the body temperature in order to relax the tense muscles. It's a surefire way to soothe our bodies both mentally and physically. Nevertheless, do not stay in the bath for more than 20 minutes as you might end up falling asleep in it!

Lowers Blood Pressure

Being stressed affects the human body in many ways and could even cause spikes of high blood pressure. A recent study suggests that soaking in hot water can help lower blood pressure. If you're diagnosed with a heart condition, be reminded to consult a doctor before you have a hot bath as it may raise your heartbeat and do more harm than good.

Improves Blood Circulation

On top of lowering our blood pressure, a hot bath helps to improve our blood circulation. When you dip your body in hot water, it is an exercise for your blood vessels. It creates physical pressure on the body while increasing the capacity of the heart. To simply put it, our heart works harder when we are inside the water. Thus, doing so regularly gives our heart the "exercise" it needs for better blood circulation.

Reduce Migraines

Often times, headaches or migraines are caused by the narrowing of blood vessels in the head. Hot water helps to alleviate the pressure on the blood vessels and minimize the symptoms of headaches.

Improves Skin Condition

Whether if it's a shower or bath, hot water can help to open up the pores in our skin and wash off the dirt and toxins. This will result in skin that is fresher and cleaner and is beneficial to those who are prone to acne. Do make sure to moisturize after a hot bath as the water can dry out the skin. Make sure to bring a cold beverage while you soak in the bath as you might get dehydrated.

Losing Weight

Studies have also indicated that it is recommended for those who suffer from diabetes to soak in a hot bath on a regular basis. This helps to lower the levels of sugar and glucose in the blood. Apart from that, those who soak in a hot bath for at least 20 minutes regularly can lose roughly 2 kilograms a month.

Reduces Inflammation and Relieve Muscle Pain

It is recommended to add some Epsom salt in your hot bath as it has been proven to reduce inflammation in your joints that are caused by arthritis or other muscular diseases. Epsom salt has anti-inflammatory properties and is shown to have positive effects for those who are suffering from metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Also, it is good to take hot showers after a hard workout as it helps relieve over-stretched muscles, minor sports injuries, and joint pain.

Help Ease Cough or Flu

During a hot bath, there will be an accumulation of steam which helps to dry out the accumulation of mucus the nose and throat. This will help lessen coughing due to the irritation from the mucus. On top of that, you can alleviate the flu symptoms with just 10 minutes on soaking in hot water. You'll definitely feel better while your body is fighting off the virus.

Feel Good About Ourselves

We often feel good after a shower, whether if it's hot or cold. We are often faced with stressful events in our lives and a hot bath can be equivalent to that shoulder to cry on. When we take a good soak and relax in a hot bath, we tend to feel better physically. And when we feel better physically, we become more confident in ourselves and are more convinced that we can face challenges ahead. If you're mentally tired, a hot bath helps reduce the daily anxiety and negative thoughts.