Known as one of the trusted brands for electronic appliances, Ariston has had decades of history in making top-notch products that incorporate cutting-edge technology and quality materials that can stand the test of time. Browse a wide array of household and kitchen appliances from Ariston Singapore below!

Is Ariston oven good? | What are the best Ariston ovens? | Where are Ariston products made?


All You Need to Know About Ariston Oven Singapore

Is Ariston oven good?

Did you know that Ariston’s built-in ovens are used on the Masterchef Australia set? Ranging from electric ovens and steam ovens to microwave ovens, Ariston offers ovens that are engineered with highly advanced solutions and features that ensure ease of use in every cooking or baking process. With Aristo’s oven, you will get a high-quality glass and sturdy stainless steel that contribute to the elegant and modernist design that elevates your kitchen aesthetics to the next level.

What’s more, Aristo oven’s intelligent cooking capabilities can assist you in making mouth-watering dishes efficiently. While cleaning is a chore many people dread doing, Aristo ovens are made to be easy to clean, thanks to its Diamond Clean feature that makes cleaning less of a hassle with its stain-resistant interior coating. This is perfect for busy home cooks who need to juggle different duties on a daily basis.

One concern many people have when it comes to purchasing an oven is the amount of electric consumption. The good thing about Ariston ovens is that most of them are rated A or A+ for energy efficiency, so you need not worry about a hike in utility bills while using the oven!

The best built-in oven of all time is the Ariston FA3834HIXAAUS Built-in Oven that boasts 61 litres of capacity. Featuring 10 cooking functions like pizza, conventional, and turbo grill ‒ just to name a few, you can bake pizza bread, casseroles, roasted turkey, cookies, cakes, and more! Other cooking modes you can find in this oven include bread heater, forced air, and grill tilting.

What are the best Ariston ovens?

Built-in Oven

Ariston FA3 834 H IX A AUS Multi-function Diamond Built-in Oven

Steam Oven

Ariston MS798IXA (EX) 31L Combi Steam Oven

Microwave Oven

  • Ariston MWC 339 33L 6-in-1 Tabletop Combi Microwave Oven
  • Ariston MF25GUK IX A Combi Microwave Oven

Where are Ariston products made?

Originally founded by Aristide Merloni in Italy back in 1930, Ariston was first established as a family-owned business that manufactured weight scales. As time went on, the brand made its foray into manufacturing other household appliances including cooktops, instant water heaters, and dishwashing machines. Ariston products are all made in Italy to ensure strict production control and consistent quality.

Where can I buy an Ariston oven in Singapore?

Aside from Ariston’s official site, you can find Ariston ovens in the brand’s official store on LazMall by Lazada. Remember to use Lazada promo codes during the checkout process to save some bucks on Ariston products!

While you’re shopping for the most suitable oven from Ariston, do consider adding Ariston hob, water heater, or coffee machine to your household too!