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Asia Video Tomorrow's Joe (VCD) (Hong Kong Version) at 12.10 SGD from YesAsia
Asia Video Tomorrow's Joe (VCD) (Hong Kong Version)
S$ 12.10
One of the most beloved sports comics in contemporary Japanese pop culture, Tomorrow's Joe (a.k.a. Ashita no Joe) hits the big screen once again as a live-action film nearly four decades after Takamori Asaki's comic series ended its run. NEWS member Yamashita Tomohisa fills some giant shoes, starring as the iconic Yabuki Joe, a troubled orphan in post-war Japan that escapes a life of crime and becomes a professional boxer. To prepare for the intense boxing scenes, both Yamashita and Iseya Yusuke (who plays Joe's rival Rikiishi) underwent a rigorous physical training program, and viewers will see all of their accomplishments on the screen. As the first live-action Tomorrow's Joe film since 1970, the new Tomorrow's Joe may use modern filmmaking technology to capture the fight scenes, but director Sori Fumihiko (Ping Pong) also makes sure his focus remains on telling a classic story of redemption and sportsmanship.

Wandering Tokyo's poorest neighborhood, drifter Yabuki Joe (Yamashita Tomohisa) gets into a fight with several thugs in front of rich heiress Yoko (Karina) and former boxer Danpei (Kagawa Teruyuki). For the brawl, Joe is sent to jail, where he meets professional boxer Rikiishi (Iseya Yusuke). Realizing Joe's talent as a boxer, Danpei trains Joe to become a professional via postcards while Yoko sets up an exhibition match in prison for Rikiishi and Joe. This training helps Joe in achieving a draw against Rikiishi. However, the rivalry is only beginning, as the two boxers promise to face off once more when they're both out of jail.

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Asia Video One Piece Film Z (2012) (VCD) (Hong Kong Version) at 15.00 SGD from YesAsia
Asia Video One Piece Film Z (2012) (VCD) (Hong Kong Version)
S$ 15.00
The Straw Hat Pirates hit the big screen again in 2012 with the One Piece series' blockbuster 12th feature One Piece Film: Z. This time Luffy and company face their most powerful enemy yet Zephyr, a former admiral who now leads the Neo Marines. His goal: to wipe out all pirates.
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Asia Video One Piece Film - Strong World (VCD) (Hong Kong Version) at 14.20 SGD from YesAsia
Asia Video One Piece Film - Strong World (VCD) (Hong Kong Version)
S$ 14.20
With a theatrical film release every year, the One Piece franchise has finally reached its tenth film. To mark the special occasion, original creator Oda Eiichiro takes an unprecedented level of participation this time around as Executive Producer, providing the story, as well as the creature and costume designs of the film. Even though the film was delayed from its usual March release date by nine months, the delay was compensated with the One Piece Zero Episode comic, which was given for free to the first 2.5 million moviegoers. The fan anticipation and the special comic helped Strong World become the highest grossing film of the franchise by far, with reports of up to 2,000 people queuing up at cinemas during its opening weekend.

While continuing on their journey, the Straw Hat Crew gets the news that their hometown East Blue is in trouble. On their way back home, the crew runs into the infamous pirate Golden Lion Shiki. He abducts Nami and sends Luffy and the rest of the crew down to Earth, where they are forced to face fearsome creatures on a floating island. Meanwhile, despite being captured by Shiki, Nami begs the fearsome pirate to let her join his crew.

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