If you are looking for a functional and stylish pair of sports shoes, look no further for Asics is all you need for an enjoyable work out session. Learn more about Asics shoes and shop for the brand's products available online in Singapore below!

What is Asics Gel Kayano? | What is the latest model of Asics Kayano? | What size Asics should I buy?


Asics Singapore – Every Athlete’s Best Companion

Are you a sports enthusiast? If the answer is yes, you have landed on the right page! This is where you can find the best pair of sports shoes under the name Asics. With Asics, you will be able to pump extra fuel to your daily exercises or just to get started on your healthy lifestyle through its complete selection of shoes, apparel, and other accessories for any sports.

Asics running shoes are known for their excellent comfort without compromising the stylish design even in the smallest detail. The prominent attribute to Asics’ innovative products is the constant improvement in all aspects of the manufacturing process to ensure that the shoes are at their highest performance. Asics shoes are created for both professional athletes and regular exercisers for the following sports:

  1. Triathlon
  2. Track & Field
  3. Wrestling
  4. Volleyball
  5. Tennis
  6. Training
  7. Trail
  8. Running

Top Best-selling Asics Shoes in Singapore

Asics is an ultimate booster for any sports player with its wide range of shoe collections that fit all needs and wants. Find your perfect Asics Sport Shoes for exercises and Asics Sneakers for the casual lifestyle from the following best-selling products that are rated by the customers:

Asics Gel series

With added thick cushion that allows a high arched foot to fit nicely and comfortably, the Asics Gel series is definitely the number one choice for running shoes. Runners can freely speed up in lightning speed with the support of the forefront part of the shoe without hurting their toes. This selection is suitable for those who require extra comfort for long runs.

Asics Piranha series

Unlike its sibling Gel, Asics Piranha has minimal cushioning, which allows runners who prefer the feel of running barefoot or those who have a flat foot to run more comfortably. With a sleek design and exquisite outsole, the Asics Piranha series is adored by runners who are conscious about style.

Asics GT series

This series is the spotlight in the training shoe market for many reasons. The bold design, perfect lining, balanced cushioning for stability, and reasonable weight is what Asics GT shoes famous for. They are not only supportive but also super comfortable for daily wear.

Besides running shoes, Asics Sneakers are also everyone’s favourite when it comes to styling a youthful outfit. With a variety of designs both for Men and Women, Asics sneakers can make the perfect fashion staple and at the same time, inspire you to always be on track for a healthy lifestyle. You can trust in Asics sneakers for light exercise such as jogging or working out at the gym.

Kick off your exercising habit with Asics Singapore shoes

Don’t underestimate the advantages of owning the right pair of shoes for a certain sports game. With Asics’ variety of shoe collections, you will certainly find the one pair that can fulfil your training requirements to ensure that your feet have enough support for different running conditions.

What is Asics Gel Kayano?

Asics Gel Kayano is a stability shoe that is suitable for runners who overpronate. It guarantees ultimate stability and comfort, improves walking efficiency, and decrease injury risk on different terrains and distances. Some of the most notable features of the Gel Kayano are:

  • FluidFit™ Upper: Combines multidirectional stretch mesh and stretch reinforcements that adapt to your foot
  • Flytefoam® Lyte Technology: Lightweight midsole, excellent cushioning in virtue of organic nanofibres
  • Dynamic DuoMax® Support System: Reduces shoe weight while enhancing support and stability at the arch
  • Heel Clutching System™: Heel counter improves support and heel-fitting environment
  • Ortholite® X-40 Sockliner: Great moisture management and high breathability
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL® Cushioning: Reduces shock at first strike to toe-off
  • FluidRide™ Midsole technology: Delivers cushioned bounce back with reduced weight and incredible durability.

What is the latest model of Asics Kayano?

The latest model of Asics Gel Kayano is the Gel Kayano 27 that offers stability with its shock-absorbent cushion for overpronating runners. The extra gel technology at high impact zones reduces shock on joint, while its soft cushioning and lightweight mesh upper featuring diagonal ventilation holes deliver premium comfort for the foot.

Another recent model is the Gel Kayano 26 - an iconic stability shoe that keeps you comfortable and supported at all times in all kinds of activities from walking to running. Put on this pair of running shoes, enjoy its comfortable cushion and maximum support for your ankle. Thanks to its Dynamic Duomax technology, it reduces the risk of spraining your ankle as a result of a long-term inward roll or overpronation.

What size Asics should I buy?

ASICS Singapore recommends that you choose a running shoe that is half a size bigger than your normal shoe size. Shoes that fit you snugly can result in sore or painful toes when standing, walking, or running for a long time.

Which Asics are best for walking?

Best ASICS Walking Shoes

  • ASICS Gel-Nimbus 22
  • ASICS Gel-Pulse 11
  • ASICS Gel Quantum 90
  • ASICS Gt-2000 9
  • ASICS Gel-Kayano 27
  • ASICS Gel-Cumulus 22

When should ASICS be replaced?

As a good rule of thumb, Asics wearers should consider changing their running shoes between 750 km and 1000 km. That's the time when the shoes are starting to show signs of wear or have a slippery sole. In certain circumstances, however, if your shoes are not showing any signs of excessive wear, they can still be worn for a couple more distances until they no longer provide the support your feet and ankles need. The condition of the shoes is determined by your mileage, body weight, foot type, and technique.

How to tell if an ASICS shoe is fake?

Given the rising popularity of ASICS shoes, it's inevitable that we may come across imitation ASICS footwear on the market without realising the subtle differences between fake and authentic ASICS products. If you've got a pair from an ordinary merchant for a price that's too good to be true, you might want to perform an authenticity check on your shoe. Here are some traits that authentic ASICS footwear usually have:

  1. ASICS tag - Authentic ASICS come with tags on the left shoe, not on the right.
  2. Laces - ASICS shoelaces are usually good quality and in a rounded or oval shape, never flat and thin or flimsy.
  3. Gel - If the ASICS shoe comes with visible gel inserts on the sole, check if it looks like an actual layer inserted into the sole instead of a jelly sticker stuck onto the shoe.
  4. Inner sole - It should be structured with an arch that curves upwards at the side.
  5. Tongue - Authentic models generally have tongues that are entirely padded from top to toe so they provide nice cushioning to the top of the foot.
  6. Inner stitchings - The stitchings should look consistent and neat without loose ends falling out.

Where can I buy ASICS shoes online?

Shop for ASICS shoes and products online in Singapore from trusted retailers such as Amazon, Farfetch, Lazada, Mr Porter, Shopee, Qoo10, SSENSE, and Mytheresa.

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