Considered as one of the largest online fashion store around the world, ASOS Singapore brings you their own collection of dresses that would suit any occasion. Affordable and stylish, ASOS dresses are perfect for any young woman who is on a tight budget. Check out our selection of ASOS dresses below or read more about ASOS Dresses in Singapore.

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Grab the Trendiest ASOS Dresses in Singapore!

Established in June 2000 by Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffith, ASOS Singapore provides affordable fashion and clothing options for men and women. The name “ASOS” is an acronym which stands for “As Seen On Screen”. Among the store’s most popular products include their exciting line of dresses from their own brand. Because of their economical and stylish nature, almost every fashionista owns a dress or any garment from ASOS.

What makes ASOS Dresses so Unique


Perhaps the best thing about ASOS dresses is their ultra-low price. Compared to other stores and brands, ASOS is significantly cheaper, making it the perfect choice for many women on a budget.


ASOS dresses may be affordable but the quality is at par with famous high-street brands. Their own line of dresses are designed with their inhouse fashion design team to guarantee its unique and trendy look. Not only are ASOS dresses cheap, they are also good quality and stylish.

Fits your Personality

The best thing about wearing ASOS dresses is their exciting collection of different styles and designs that would suit your personality. Whether you are a Boho chic, sophisticated lady, or a rock queen, you would definitely find the right ASOS dress within their collection.

How to Choose the Right ASOS Dress for your body type


For women with an apple-shaped body type, you would need to have an ASOS dress which takes attention off your midriff and accentuate your other features. To do this, avoid wearing dresses with long sleeves and plunging necklines like V-necks. In addition, avoid dresses that has belts or anything that pinches your waist.


If you have a pear-shaped body type, then all the attention should be on your upper body while minimizing the lower half. Do this by wearing anything that adds to your shoulders and bust area to match your hips. Wear an ASOS dress which accentuates your shoulders. Underneath your dress, wear a bra that would shape and enhance your bust size.

Straight or Rectangular

Often referred to as the “boyish” profile, women with straight or rectangular body types need dresses which create curves and break up your silhouette. To flatter your body, wear an ASOS dress which would “pinch” on your waist like a belt. Ruffles and frills are also recommended to add texture, volume, and femininity. If you have some, wear some shapewear underneath your dress.


Congratulations! You have a body type that every woman wishes to have! However, there may be some challenges when it comes to choosing the right dress for you. What you need is an ASOS dress that would highlight your curves. Choose a dress which flatters your curves and follows your body’s natural silhouette. You can also highlight your bust and shoulders and show a little bit of skin if you want to. Pinched dresses, belts, are also recommended for this body type.

Whether you want a maxi dress, mini, or midi, you can choose from our selection of ASOS dresses online!

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