ASOS Singapore provides a wide selection of clothing of the latest styles at an affordable price. ASOS lingerie is designed to make women of every size and shape feel sexy and comfortable in their own skin. Click here to find out more about the ASOS line of lingerie in Singapore.

ASOS Singapore Lingerie: Feel Sexy No Matter What You Wear

ASOS Singapore is the one-stop online fashion destination for the youths of today. ASOS clothes make the latest fashions quickly available with the click of a button. The website first came online in 2000 and soon grew to be the biggest name in online retail fashion due to their reputation for quality clothing at affordable prices.

ASOS Underwear for Everyone

ASOS Singapore understands that their female clientele comes in all shapes and sizes. This is why, aside from the standard ASOS underwear and lingerie line, you can also find available:

How to Choose the Right Lingerie

Many a woman have sighed in exasperation upon realising she has spent a tidy sum on a bra that didn’t even fit her properly, or grumble in frustration because none of her lingerie is suitable for the outfit she wants to wear that night. Never fear. Here is a concise guide to help you through the travails of buying the right lingerie online.

Figure out what makes your body looks good

Before browsing what is available, it is better first to remember what you look good wearing. There are plenty of lingerie out there that looks amazing on the model in the photo but would not fit your personal body type at all. You would know best what your body looks good in; whether it be thongs or boxer-briefs.

Pick out lingerie that accentuates your best assets

Often when picking out clothes, the instinct is to hide the presumed flaws of our body. It could be wide shoulders, big hips, or a small bust. But a better approach would be to choose clothes that highlight what you like about yourself. Perhaps that set of panties bring out your shapely bum or this pair of half-cup bra with padding makes your cleavage look amazing. Even though no one else (ahem) would be seeing you in your underwear, looking good in your lingerie set is all about feeling good and setting the tone for when you walk out of the house.

Consider the material of your chosen lingerie

The last thing you need is a bra that bites your skin or panties that make you itch. Lingerie is your first layer of defence against the world so when you feel comfortable in them, you are better equipped to take on whatever challenges are thrown your way.

Keep your wardrobe in mind

One of the biggest fashion faux pas is the bra strap peeking out of the sleeve. It hints at a lack of coordination of outfits. Plus, underwear is meant to be just that: under the clothes you wear. So if you own plenty of wide collar shirts, make sure you have enough bras with a sweetheart neckline to wear them with. Or if you are a fan of low-rise trousers, get more hipster panties and boyshorts.

Every Woman Should Wear Lingerie

Lingerie is a part of a woman’s personality which she wears every day but no one can see. It can be fun, cute, sexy and whatever she wants. Explore the selection of lingerie available at ASOS Singapore today and find out what personality you would like to wear tomorrow.

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