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Asus Tablets Singapore

Asus is known for high-spec gadgets at affordable prices. A recent entry in to the smartphone and tablet market, Asus has proven to be the underdog that has risen to glory with its newest and most technologically advanced gadgets. Asus tablets are fast becoming a popular choice among mobile users due to its simple interface, accessible systems and low price tag. The very same technology built in Asus smartphones such as the Zenfone series is integrated into Asus tablets.

Simple and easy – Asus tablets

Don’t want a complicated user interface for your tablet? Asus tablets are easy to access due to years of research in user behaviour. There are two main types of Asus tablets; Asus Windows tablets and Asus Android tablets. The more common of the two would be the Android tablets. Asus Android tablets are mostly the Asus Zenpad and Fonepad models, while Asus Windows tablets consist of Asus Transformer Book series and VivoTab series.

Unbeatable prices

Albeit the high-spec range of Asus tablets, the price tag for each remains unbeatable. You can count on Asus for bringing the best prices in tablet models. A reasonable price range for Asus Android tablets starts at around RM500 and could go up to RM1000 for higher spec models. For Asus Windows tablets, price is approximately RM1000 with online shopping discounts. If you’re not sure, you could always walk in to any authorised Asus retailer and check out these awesome tablets for yourself. Better still, look out for online reviews or user experience videos to get a better idea.

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Asus tablets are the results of many years of innovation and experience in the computer and electronics field. Each Asus tablet has been cleverly made with a large assortment of features and specifications at very affordable pricing and availability.

The Asus ZenPad 8” 16GB 8MP 4G LTE tablet offers a stylish and seamless design to connect you closer to your entertainment with a dynamic display, ample storage and a sleek interface.Key Features With 4G LTE networking speeds, WiFi, Bluetooth and Miracast connectivity you can enjoy more ways to access the Internet, stream media between devices and make voice and video calls.ASUS ZenPad 8.0 is an 8-inch tablet with a 76.5% screen-to-body ratio — an incredible engineering achievement made possible by reducing the bezel width to the bare minimum. Asus’ Tru2Life technology borrows image processors found on high end TVs for saturated, high contrast images to power your media. Additionally, the Asus ZenPad 8 will sense changes in lighting to ensure a dynamic and readable indoors and out. Also a Bluelight filter minimises blue light emitted from the screen to reduce eye fatigue so you can work all day. A DTS-HD premium sound decoder delivers a sharp, crisp sound to power your music and audio media for a larger entertainment experience. Whether you are listening to your favourite tunes or in the middle of an intense game your sound is delivered with exceptional clarity for a more realistic, immersive experience. Features a narrow bezel, slim build, soft curves and rear etch detailing for a stylish and lightweight design to become your favourite accessory to take your work and entertainment on the go. The Asus Zenpad 8 is built onto a ZenUI and Android 5 lollipop interface offering a seamless, ergonomic and intuitive design for quick access to your media and programs.
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ASUS Fonepad HD8 16GB Sapphire Black at 299.00 SGD from Officesg
ASUS Fonepad HD8 16GB Sapphire Black
S$ 299.00
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ASUS SG Zenpad Z170CG-1A017A 8Gb (Black) at 299.00 SGD from Officesg
ASUS SG Zenpad Z170CG-1A017A 8Gb (Black)
S$ 299.00

Asus Tablets Singapore

About Asus

Asus is a Taiwanese electronics company that was founded in 1989. They are one of the largest computers and electronics manufacturer and brands in the world. Asus is one of the few electronic brands there that still produce a lot of innovative products with their constant out-of-the-box thinking. The result of this innovation has resulted in a lot of unique such as their Asus Padfone (a phone that can dock into a large display, making it a tablet) or the Transformers Book V, a five-in-one computer device with both Windows and Android operating systems which can act as a smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

Asus electronic products Singapore

Asus may be very well known for their computer desktops and laptops, but that did not stop them from advancing into the mobile device market of smartphones and computer tablets.

Asus tablets are also marvelous pieces of technologies made with the signature innovation of Asus. They became very famous and well known in the tablet industry because of their involvement with Google's Nexus line of devices. The Nexus brand is Google's very own Android device line in which they aim to market products that are built to their standard and to take advantage of the pure Android operating systems. Asus was chosen as the manufacturer of two generations of Nexus 7 tablets, and they were both excellent devices sold at an amazingly low price.

What makes Asus tablets an excellent choice?

  1. Excellent build quality. Most Asus tablets are made with high quality polycarbonate plastic which are immensely durable and comfortable to the touch – even more especially with the ones that have a textured finish for a more premium look. There are also several Asus tablets which has its case and body build in a premium metal finish
  2. Innovative features such as a convertible smartphone-tablet, a convertible Asus Transformer Pad Android laptop-tablet, and an Android tablet that, when docked into a keyboard, becomes a Windows laptop are all features that are very unique to Asus themselves.
  3. Unlike many other electronics manufacturers who tend to put in a lot unnecessary software and applications into their mobile devices, Asus only includes applications that are useful such as their proprietary SuperNote note taking application into their mobile devices.
  4. Unique ZenUI user interface that is customizable to a large extent by users for a more personalized experience.
  5. With the amount of features and strong specification in each of its tablets, Asus has still managed to put its tablet prices at reasonable level, making it affordable and acceesible to everyone.

Asus tablet models

Being in the mobile device industry for quite a while, Asus has a lot of different tablet models throughout. Although their Windows tablet has only gotten more popular in the current years. Their current Android tablets are under the sub-brand ZenPad, whereas their Windows tablets are under a few different sub-brands such as the VivoTab line

  • Asus Android Tablets: ZenPad C 7.0 / ZenPad 8.0 / ZenPad S 8.0 / ZenPad 10 / Fonepad 7
  • Asus Windows Tablets: VivoTab 8 / Transformers Book T90 / Transformer Book T100 / Transformer Book T200 / Transformer Book T300

With a large variety of tablets to suit everyone's different needs, Asus's innovation has made their tablets an excellent line of products to consider, no matter what needs and wants you may have.

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