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Noise cancelling headphones are very useful when you want to focus or just listen to your music without outside noise distracting you. Active noise cancelling headphones usually require power for an in-built microphone to listen to ambient noise and cancel it out, whereas passive noise cancelling headphones are basically giant earplugs for our ears. Read more by clicking here.

Dual 40-mm Speakers Noise Cancelling Microphone Works with PCs & Macs High Quality Digital Sound for Your PC With dual 40 mm speakers that deliver rich, full-range digital sound, Plantronics .Audio 655 Headset offers exceptional performance for your PC audio needs. A lightweight design and pillow-soft ear cushions give you the comfort you need for your music and gaming, while the noise-canceling microphone with adjustable boom provides clear conversations without distractions, letting you make crisp-sounding Internet calls . Easy-to-access, on-ear volume controls Adjustable boom-style mic brings crisp sound quality to Internet calls Soft cushioned earpieces block ambient sound while keeping you comfortable Easy plug-and-play setup requires no software and is compatible with any PC Convenient Volume Controls Setting up Plantronics .Audio 655 Headset is a cinch: just plug the USB connector into your PC and you're ready to go. With true plug-and-play functionality, the .Audio 655 requires no software to install and no complicated setup. Once connected, simply reach up to the controls located directly on the earpiece to change the volume. Outstanding Sound for Great Music, Gaming, and DVD Experiences Plantronics designed Plantronics .Audio 655 Headset to provide a full-spectrum audio experience. The headset has dual 40-mm speakers that provide full-range audio with clear treble and deep, rich bass. This means you'll enjoy an outstanding stereo performance when listening to digital music, and you'll enjoy great cinema-like sound when watching DVDs. The headset will also provide you with a great listening experience when you are playing games, listening to podcasts, and more. Additionally, the cushioned earpieces of the .Audio 655 block ambient noise for fewer distractions, so you can easily focus on your Internet calls or gaming. Clean and Clear Internet Calls Eliminate noisy, hard to understand Internet calls with the .Audio 655 Headset. A noise-canceling , fully-adjustable, boom-style microphone transmits your voice clearly without the hiss of background noise. Whether you are using Skype or other Internet calling programs, your voice will sound crisp and clear. The headset also features Fast Mic Mute technology , so you can quickly mute the microphone by raising the boom. Plantronics .Audio 655 Headset Headset makes Internet calls simple and lets you concentrate on your conversation, rather than on the hassles of complicated technology. Designed For Comfortable All-Day Wear Plantronics designed Plantronics .Audio 655 Headset to be comfortable all day long. It features lightweight construction and an over-the-head design to prevent discomfort, as well as swivel-mounted, cushioned earpieces that softly cradle your ears. The adjustable headband allows you to find the perfect fit. What Comes in the Box 1 X Plantronics .Audio 655 DSP Computer Headset Warranty One-Year Hardware Warranty Dimensions Length: 27.94 cm Width: 25.40 cm Height: 12.07 cm Weight: 336 gm UPC Code 17229129351 Read more
Noise cancelling beyond compare With one of the industry-leading noise cancellation, these headphones let you enjoy music free of distractions. Listen in silence or tailor sound to your environment. Noise cancelling beyond compare Never before have Sony headphones so effectively controlled noise. Latest features and techniques enable the Mdr-1000X to provide noise cancellation. Low frequency vehicle noise and mid to high frequency sound including voices have been reduced with the Mdr-1000X compared to our previous Sony noise cancelling model. Noise, tackled and tamed High sensitivity drivers efficiently filter out unwanted noise while Dual Noise Sensor technology uses internal and external microphones to detect and offset ambient sound. Close-fitting urethane foam earpads surround your ear and lock out distractions. World in. World out. Take control of sound with Sense Engine. Hear only what you want to hear and nothing else. Sense Engine gives you the freedom to tune in and out of your music at a touch. Stay immersed and catch every word Listen to your music without distraction while still catching important messages and announcements. Turn down the music for a conversation Talk without taking your headphones off. Place one hand over the housing to instantly decrease music volume. Optimises and adjusts to you These headphones analyse your personal characteristics and wearing style, then optimise sound for you. Stay immersed, yet aware Hear essential everyday sounds such as traffic while listening to your music in the background. Luxurious leather Soft synthetic leather on the housing and earpads give a luxurious look and feel. Designed to fit securely over your ears for hours of comfortable listening. Read more
Cordless Without Compromise Wireless listening no longer means sound-quality compromises. We’ve optimized the wireless signal using the highest quality codecs, advanced digital signal processing and our robust Bluetooth® implementation for reliable connectivity, enhanced range and longer battery life. Custom, laser-tuned drivers produce a spacious soundstage and a remarkable level of power, punch and clarity and we include an optional, detachable cable for when Bluetooth® isn’t an option, so the music never has to end. Actual battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions. Intuitive, Effortless Control Dual mics for clear calling and intuitively placed controls are located right on the headphones, so you can change tracks, turn up the volume, or take a call and get back to the music without missing a beat. Or, hold down the “listen through” button to hear what’s going on around you without taking your headphones off. An Extension Of You Life should feel better with headphones, not without them. So the Logitech UE 9000s feature plush memory foam cushions, flex-fit, rotating joints, and a form-fitting, around-the-ear design that conforms to the contours of your head. And since they’re built with top-quality materials—including metal alloy hinges—these will be your favorite headphones for a long time to come. No Noise. Just Music. Our active noise canceling technology filters out ambient noise for an immersive listening experience. Slip your headphones on and distractions fade away. All that’s left is you and the music. UE Sound Signature We are committed to ensuring exceptional sound in all our products – every layer, every nuance, every detail. This commitment drives us to constantly innovate using the latest audio technology to hone our unmistakable UE sound signature. This sound signature provides pure, undiluted audio that’s rich, clear and perfectly tuned every time. Read more
Separate the noise from the music. Leave the noise behind, and get the most from your music. QuietComfort 3 headphones offer a proven combination of Bose® noise reduction and audio performance with a comfortable on-ear fit. These award-winning headphones deliver clear, lifelike sound, making listening a pleasure just about anywhere. Proven performance QC3 headphones feature Bose® Acoustic Noise Cancelling® technology to electronically identify, then dramatically reduce, the noise around you. You're left with the music you love—or the simple serenity you desire. Proprietary signal processing and audio reproduction technology also provide lifelike performance across the full range of sound—including deep low tones—from small and lightweight headphones. Create a comfortable escape Think of your noisy office, or the bustling activity in train stations and other public places. At the flip of a switch, that background noise is reduced to a whisper. That’s when the high quality sound these headphones provide becomes even more apparent. You’ll hear more of your music—without having to turn up your music. And the soft-cushioned, easy-on-the-ears fit lets you listen comfortably for hours. Hear the difference for yourself Wear Qc®3 headphones when you fly, and you'll notice a dramatic reduction in engine noise the moment you turn them on. And when it's time for some music, simply plug the cable into your portable player, tablet or the inflight entertainment system. The cable fits directly into most any portable device. QC3 headphones come with an additional cable customized for select Apple® products. A three-button remote and inline microphone let you take calls on your iPhone and manage music on other Apple devices. You can control volume, track selection and voice applications, plus easily switch between calls and music. You can also purchase a mobile kit that lets your QC headphones work with other cell phones, too. Read more
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AKG N60Nc On-Ear Headphone w/ Microphone at 369.00 SGD from TREOO.com
AKG N60Nc On-Ear Headphone w/ Microphone
S$ 369.00
Get in tune with your music while shutting out the world Hear no evil. The AKG N60Nc headphones deliver Grammy award-winning AKG superior sound while also utilizing best in class active noise cancelling to minimize the disruptive sounds encountered on everything from planes to trains. This newest member of the Flight line-up will rock your world continuously with up to 30 hours of battery life. And if immersing yourself in your music for a long period of time is the goal, the N60Nc can still be used in passive mode after the battery dies out. Accented with premium material such as aluminum, memory foam and leather, this unparalleled listening experience comes magnificently packaged in elegantly crafted lightweight headphones that provide both viewing and listening pleasure. In addition, this ultra premium audio offering comes complete with first-class features like an exclusive 3D-Axis folding mechanism, a fully-accessorized travel package, a one button universal remote/mic cable and a USB charging cable. AKG reference sound The ultimate, uncompromised sound quality. Active noise-cancelling High performance, active noise-cancelling technology. Smartphone-compatible Equipped with universal remote to instantly connect your headphones to most smartphones. A clear, word-class acoustic signature with a warm bass response that will take your musical enjoyment and appreciation to new levels. Designed for convenient transport and storage thanks to the 3D folding mechanism and the carrying case, you can get up and go with your music at the drop of a high hat. Thanks to the 30 hours battery life and the convenient USB charging cable, the N60Nc can be enjoyed all the way (and back). Reduces ambient noise especially when travelling to create a perfect sound environment where you can be alone with your music and yourself.
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Noise-Cancelling Headphones

What are noise cancelling headphones?

In very simple terms, noise cancelling headphones basically cancel noise – specifically ambient sounds that are outside of the headphone.

Noise cancelling headphones are useful in many different situations, and it also allows the user to listen to music without increasing the volume a lot, which protects the users hearing in the long run. However, noise cancelling headphones are not just for people who want to listen to music, it can also be used to block out sound so that the user can sleep or focus in peace.

Noise cancelling headphones also play a vital role in the field of aviation where the headphone can block out the ambient sounds so that pilots of officers can focus and pay attention to incoming announcements and audio information easier. Noise cancellation headphones are good for:

  • Blocking out ambient sounds or noise
  • Enables the user to focus or to rest better
  • Does not require the user to increase their volume a lot to listen to audio, which protects against hearing loss in the long term

Active and Passive noise cancelling headphones

There are two types of noise cancelling headphones, Active and Passive. They both do the very same thing, but in different manners – and a person may choose from one or the other based on their differences and their pros and cons.

Active noise cancelling headphones

Active noise cancelling headphones typically have a microphone of sorts that is built into the headphone which measures sound or noise outside of the headphone environment, then uses that data to generate a waveform which is the exact negative of the ambient sound. This cancels out the incoming sound.

Active noise cancelling headphones usually cost more than normal headphones, which are usually passive headphones. A built in battery is also usually required as the active noise cancellation requires power, so a USB port or removable battery pack is usually present – which could make the headphone be rather heavy as well.

Passive noise cancelling headphones

Passive noise cancelling headphones generally have no extra electronic parts or components inside of them that are not the core parts for producing audio. Passive noise cancelling headphones block out ambient sound via soundproofing or sound insulation.

This happens because of the seal the headphones make when it sits on the top of our heads and rests on our ears. It basically makes the headphone as a sort of large earplug to seal our ears from outside ambient sound and noise. Closed back headphones with ear cups that completely cover the ears provide much better passive noise cancellation than those which sit on your ears.

However, for those who want more affordable and simpler noise cancellation can opt for in-ear earphones, which have ear tips that fit into the ear canal to provide a proper and complete seal for noise cancellation. These fitting ear buds firm an almost perfect seal and provide very good noise cancellation.

If you want a suitable audio solution to cancel ambient noise and sound, do consider the pros and cons of choosing either between an active noise cancelling headphone or a passive noise cancelling headphone – active noise cancelling tend to be more expensive, but they do have the advantage of both the passive and active noise cancelling headphones at the same time.

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