If you’re looking for a way to spend the Friday or Saturday night, a karaoke session would definitely be worth the while! For karaoke divas, having your own karaoke system in your living room is the best entertainment you could ever have. Find out what you need to set up a karaoke party in your own living room below.


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Here’s What You Need for a Karaoke Party in your Living Room

Whether you want to hang out with friends or let out some steam from the pressures of work, karaoke is always a great activity to do. Karaoke is an interactive activity almost related to gaming in which an instrumental of a popular song is played along with its lyrics superimposed on a screen. In Singapore, there are a lot of karaoke and KTV bars, however, they can be a little expensive. If you’re a regular karaoke-goer, why not have a karaoke system in your own living room? That way, you can have small karaoke parties with your friends! Here’s what you would need for an awesome karaoke party in the comforts of your own home.

Two sets of microphones

Though one mic would still make it a party, two mics would allow you to have a partner and sing-along to duets. Karaoke microphones are the most important part of a karaoke system and are the key to a great karaoke session. Whether wired or wireless, if you know you’re going to have company, always bring a secondary mic along.

A sizable karaoke catalogue

There are lots of ways to get access to a sizable karaoke catalogue. If you have karaoke CDs and DVDs, you can also use them but this method is a little outdated. There are also software series that you can subscribe to online or simply go to YouTube for free! Most karaoke systems have their own song catalogues so you can also make use of that!

A robust sound system

Before you hook up your karaoke system, you would need an existing sound system hooked up to your TV. However, these are not just your normal speakers, if you want to make the most out of your karaoke party, you would need those that are built for live audio. Stereo speakers, soundbars, etc. are all designed to play recorded audio but it is not equipped to handle the dynamics of live audio. Nonetheless, if you don’t have expensive producer-quality speakers, store-bought should be fine.


Unless you live in a remote area, you would need soundproofing. Karaoke sound systems can get a little bit too loud. You can DIY a soundproof room by putting towels on the space between the bottom of your door and the floor. You can also hang thick blankets on the windows to prevent soundwaves from escaping. Other than that, you can lower the karaoke volume or if you have a basement, all the better! Have fun but always be considerate of your neighbors, especially during wee hours of the night.

The right karaoke system

The best thing about singing karaoke is that nobody will judge you if you’re tone deaf. Get your own karaoke systems and bring the KTV to your living room!