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Microphones Price List Singapore June 2018

Having a quality microphone that suits your needs and usage is a very beneficial long-term investment. High-quality microphones with the right features will allow you to capture sound with higher fidelity and quality, as well as reducing a lot of ambient noise in a recording. Read more about the common types of microphones below.

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WS-858 Multi-function Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone Wireless Loudspeaker with Mic
S$ 25.00 S$ 35.00

Description: Features: 1. Wireless company. break the traditional way of connecting the phone, the mobile phone can be searched for the modified product with bluetooth, which is equivalent to a mini bluetooth speaker. At the same time instead of the ordinary microphone and ordinary stereo, a price, two functions, enjoy the convenience of the age of smart home. 2. Support bluetooth. Use mobile phone bluetooth to synchronize, avoid music and inconsistent pronunciation, comfortable. 3. Support MP3. There is a USB input port at the bottom of the microphone, which supports MP3 format music playback, and the function is extremely powerful. 4. Support recording. Bring the microphone - headphone connector cord and link mobile phone song APP to record the recording function. 5, support incoming calls. If there is a call in the karaoke project, press the pause/play button to switch the call function of the cost product! 6. Multiple speakers. Dual speaker stereo sound effect, expanded the sound emission source, spread the energy more, K song more shocked! 7. Good quanlity materials. ABS shell, aluminum alloy handle, steel mesh cover process, high end products, reliable quality, sound quality effect! 8. Intelligent compatibility. Compatible with mobile phones, computers and tablets; Support many K software, easy to solve compatible problems. Specifications: Product name: ws-858 bluetooth microphone Product size: 23.5 x 7.5 x 7.5cm/9.25 x 2.95 x 2.95in Packing size: 25.5 x 10 x 8.5cm/10.04 x 3.94 x 3.35in Net weight: 412g Gross weight: 547g Material: ABS shell, aluminum alloy handle, steel mesh cover Input voltage: 5V Power supply: USB power supply Battery capacity: 1800mA Quantity of speakers: 2 Connection mode: mobile phone bluetooth Applicable places: family, KTV, outdoor, car, stage, etc. Warm tips: The product comes with a manual in both English and Chinese, from recording, singing, tuning, and very thorough, to help you to play with the new 858 bluetooth microphone Included: 1 x WS-858 Bluetooth Microphone 1 x Microphone-Headphone Socket Connection Line 1 x USB Charging Line #ws-858#microphone#mic#ws858#wirelessmic#wirelessmicrophone#karaokemic#karaoke

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Q10/Q10S Gold Wireless Bluetooth Microphone KTV Karaoke Music Tool
S$ 49.90

Description: Product Name: Q10/Q10S wireless bluetooth microphone (with loudspeaker) Product size: 27x7.6x7.6cm/10.6x3.0x3.0in Packing size: 30x14x10cm/11.8x5.5x3.9in Net weight: 484g Product material: metal shell, Aluminum Alloy handle, steel mesh cover Input voltage: 5V Power supply: USB supply Battery capacity: 1800MA Horn quantity: 3pcs Connection way: mobile phone bluetooth Applicable places: family, KTV, outdoor, vehicle, stage and so on Features: 1. Wireless microphone connection to break the traditional connection mode, mobile phone bluetooth can search the product. So it is equivalent to a mini bluetooth sound; while using alone, it is MP3 player instead of ordinary microphone. 2. Support bluetooth. Use mobile phone bluetooth synchronous play directly can avoid inconsistencies of music and sound. 3. Support MP3. There is USB port at the bottom of a microphone, can be inserted into the U disk and automatic recognise MP3 format music. 4. Support recording. microphone headset connecting line, it can connect mobile phone APP to record the song. 5. Support calls. If in the KTV, calls can press play / pause button to switch call function. 6. Multiple loudspeakers, double loudspeakers stereo sound expands the sound of the transmitter. 7. Multi function console, much sound effect can adjust. 8. High quality material. ABS shell, Aluminum Alloy handle, steel net cover and silicone protective cover technology. 9. Intelligent compatible. Be compatible with mobile phone and panel computer. Support many music softwares. Warm prompt: The product includes operation instructions, microphone, bluetooth speakers, MP3 and recorded songs. The introduction explaination is very thorough to help you know about new Q10/Q10S bluetooth microphone. Included: 1 X Q10/Q10S wireless bluetooth microphone 1 X USB charging wire 1 X bluetooth earphones connection wire 1 X user manual #Bluetooth #Music #Ktv #wireless #Q10/Q10S #Tool #bluetoothmicrophone #Microphone #bluetoothspeaker #loudspeaker

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K380F Wireless BT Karaoke Microphone
S$ 40.70

Features: [Metal Mesh Head] The metal mesh head is imbedded with sopnge filter to sieve noise. [Exquisite Battery Case] The microphone is powered by two AA battery; and the receiver is powered by a 2800mAh 18650 battery. When filling them in the case, you need to place the battery correctly, negative with - and positive with +. [6.5mm Standard Plug] The 6.5mm connector is suitable for amplifiers, mixers and other equipment; in addition, we will attach a 6.5mm female to 3.5mm converter, allowing you to connect more audio equipment. [Background Music] The microphone and the receiver are automatically connected whenthey are powered on. You can connect the receiver box with your smartphones via BT and play the background music. [Support Karaoke Apps] Support all kinds of karaoke apps, so you can singing and recording the songs you like. Two Ways to Connect the Receiver and the Speaker: 1. Line-in Mode: Plug the 6.5mm or 3.5mm connector in to a audio output device with 6.5mm or 3.5mm audio port. 2. FM Mode: Adjust the FM frequency on an audio output device, which has FM fuction, to match one of the three frequencies on the receiver (Red 105.4MHz, Green 106.7MHz, Blue 107.2MHz). Parameters: Microphone: Operating voltage: 2V-3V, 2 * AA batteries Transmission power: 10Mw Distance used: 15M Sensitivity: -53DB3db Frequency range: 680Mhz-689Mhz (Uhf band) Variable working channel: 10 channels Distortion: 1% Signal to noise ratio: 70db Frequency Response Range: 80Hz-10Khz Microphone impedance: 600Ω30% at1khz Working current: 150Ma Working temperature: -25C-60C Microphone Size: approx. 24.7 * 5.5 * 5.5cm / 9.72 * 2.16 * 2.16in Microphone Weight: approx. 160g / 5.64oz Receiver: Power supply: 18650 rechargeable lithium battery Working current: 200Ma Sample rate: 48Khz Bit width: 16bit Delay: 5ms BT: 2.1 Output amplitude: 100Mv FM transmit frequency: CH1 105.4 MHz; CH2 106.7 MHz; CH3 107.2 MHz Working temperature: -25C-60C Receiver Size: approx. 11.4 * 3.2 * 2.4cm / 4.48 * 1.25 * 0.94in Receiver Weight: approx. 30g / 1.05oz

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Top Microphones Price List Singapore June 2018 Price List 2018

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Razer Seiren S$ 143.90 Qoo10
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Shure SM58

Cheapest at Lazada S$ 220.00 S$ 148.00 Go to Shop

Common Types of Microphones

Be it belting your heart out in the karaoke or recording your multi-platinum album, you will want to produce the best sound possible. To do this, you will need a good quality microphone. Not all microphones are built the same and they have different ways of functioning as well. Hence, before you run out and buy a bunch of microphones, you will need to know how you will be using them and the way they function. There are two main microphone types that are used for recording, namely Dynamic Microphones and Condenser Microphones. There is a third type known as the Ribbon Microphone too but these are less common and are typically used by professionals only.

Dynamic Microphones

Known for its reliability and versatility, the dynamic microphone is an all-rounded microphone which can be used for vocals and instruments. Thanks to their moving coil magnetic diaphragm, these mics can capture sound even at high sound pressure levels, making them a good option for live events such as concerts and music festivals. They also have a sturdy build so they can still be used after they are dropped. Besides that, they can take a large amount of noise before they start to they start to distort which makes them the ideal microphone for recording loud sound sources like bass and guitar amplifiers and drum kits without worrying about unwanted distortion or damage. Dynamic microphones also work quite well in quieter settings such as in recording studios.

Condenser Microphones

Condenser microphones have a thin conductive diaphragm that is placed close to a metal backplate. This configuration acts like a capacitor whereby sound pressure will vibrate the diaphragm which in turn changes the capacitance to produce audio signals. As condenser microphones operate using capacitance instead of actual moving coils, they tend to be more sensitive and highly susceptible to distorting at higher levels, hence they are not ideal to record guitar amps up close. The use of capacitance also improves the fidelity and sound quality, hence making these microphones ideal for precision recording in the studio. Condenser microphones are usually fixed with a popper stopper placed in front of it when someone is recording vocals with them. The stopper prevents excess air from vibrating the microphone and affecting the vocal quality. You need to be careful when handling these mics though as they are not as sturdy and durable as dynamic mics.

Ribbon Microphones

Ribbon microphones are rarely used compared to the microphones mentioned above. These microphones are often used by those who want to have a vintage sounding vibe to their recording. Ribbon microphones are best for recording higher notes associated with woodwind or strings accurately and for relaying more ambient sounds. If you are looking for a mic for multi-instrument recording at manageable noise levels, then ribbon mics are the best option. This makes the microphone very popular for individuals who want to record a wide range of acoustic instruments professionally.

You can also check out other types of microphones such as wireless microphones and karaoke microphones at iPrice!