Autobacs Singapore is one of the most elite in the business of car spare parts, maintenance and accessories. The brand has a diverse range of products to choose from.

Rim and Tyres Bundle Set | Fibre Cloth Pieces


6 Must-Have Products By Autobacs Singapore For Your Automobile

Autobacs is a retailer of vehicle spare parts and accessories for vehicles such as cars and vans. Founded in 1947 in Japan, Autobacs expanded into car manufacturing in the early 2000s after buying out another company and naming that branch Autobacs Sports-car Laboratory (ASL). Autobacs is currently one of the most popular car servicing and maintenance company in Singapore. The company's range of products and services varies from batteries and AQ products to car care and car-related electronics.

Car accessories are defined as important additions such as seat covers and floor mats for your car. The types of car accessories do not limit to specific items that improve the aesthetic features of a car but they can also be new additions to your car for safer travels such as cargo liners and pet barriers. Autobacs Singapore is celebrated for providing the best accessories and car-care products in the region.

Rim and Tyres Bundle Set

What is a tyre without a rim? Autobacs offers a tyre and rim bundle set. A rim is the part of the wheel that holds the tyre in place and the tyre is the outer part of the wheel that provides the traction and rotation of the wheel and supports the weight of the vehicle against the road for movement. Brands such as Dunlop, Kapsen and Michelin are listed amongst the partners for tyres and rims from the Autobacs company.

Teflon Coated Wiper

Windscreen wipers are a mechanism that removes rain, snow and other debris from the front window of the vehicle. Teflon is a material that is waterproof and does not create much friction against smooth surfaces. Teflon windscreen wipers by Autobacs Singapore work well on cars, especially in a climate where rain is frequent.

Fibre Cloth Pieces

Regular towels such as cotton or wool tend to spread the dirt further on the car. Fibre clothes include many atoms bonded together to form a chain molecule. When the microfibre clothes rub together it produces a charge that allows the clothes to pick up and remove grime easily from the surface of the car.

Super Repel High-Performance Coating Water Wax

This product coats the surface of the car easily. The compact size of the container makes it easier to spray your car by hand. The water wax is water repellant, long-lasting and durable. No scrubbing is required. For a more effective approach pair with a fibre cloth piece for the perfect car-cleaning combination.

Smart Shine Tyre Wax Kit.

Make your wheels look glossy, giving your car a new and polished look by the Smart Shine Tyre Wax Kit by Autobacs.

Wide Angle View Mirror

The Autobacs wide-angle mirror is domed and provides a broad angled view similar to a fish-eye lense which has become quite popular in Singapore. The wide-angle mirrors by Autobacs help eliminate blind spots that occur while using the side-view mirrors.