Heard of nature’s best skin-enhancing secrets? Aveeno has unlocked the true potential of nature’s benefits for the skin through its research into the benefits of oats derived from nature. These oats are activated through science to become the best skincare ingredient. Discover more about Aveeno here.

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Aveeno Singapore: formulated with naturally active ingredients

Aveeno was created in 1945 by two brothers: Sidney and Albert Musher. It all started with two entrepreneurial brothers that were driven by profound curiosity about how things work and how substances interact. They both also shared a passionate belief in century-old remedies, believed that they are the key to unlock the Pandora box of human wellness.

The brothers began experimenting with raw cereals like oats in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic Dermatology Centre in America. Oats which had been used in skincare since back then for their soothing properties was found to be a very good naturally active ingredient for the skin. Experiments conducted by the Mushers led to the development and commercialisation of a natural bath additive containing 100% colloidal (very finely milled) oatmeal, which is the main ingredient for Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment.

Since then, clinical evidence of more than 50 years has been published supported the benefits of formulations containing colloidal oatmeal for both dry and irritated skin. All Aveeno body products today are still formulated with this naturally active colloidal oatmeal and/or oat extracts. Aveeno, the pioneer in the discovery of naturally active ingredients, is still striving till this day in its unending discovery to make even better real skincare products that will benefit us all. Read on to discover the science behind Aveeno products.

Aveeno Singapore: How are Aveeno products made?

For over 60 years, Aveeno scientists have been working on discovering new methods of extracting the power of Naturally Active Ingredients which are processes that require three rigorous steps.

Identifying — Aveeno scientists will firstly identify, then perform screening and finally validate the Naturally Active Ingredients to ensure that they are maintained at their natural strength and purity. Screening — Aveeno scientists search globally for plants and botanicals that could potentially deliver significant benefits to the skin. Preclinical testing is then performed on the most promising naturally active ingredients to show their activity and stability. Validation — Aveeno scientists then validates these selected naturally active ingredients by performing clinical tests are them. Many rounds of testing are made to ensure the naturally active ingredients’ mildness and safety.

PS: during the initial screening stages, thousands of natural ingredients are looked upon. Aveeno really takes that extra mile in ensuring only the best and safest ingredients are used in its formulation of products.

Validation and quality checks to ensure Aveeno products are safe

Aveeno is always committed in the development of Naturally Active Ingredients as well as the delivering of effective skincare solutions that are formulated to highest quality standards.

As not all natural ingredients are suitable for skin care purposes, Aveeno scientists carries out special documentation of these topical benefits of formulations that contain naturally active ingredients and will then be thoroughly compared with other ingredients. Out of those selected, only a handful are taken to further development. Formulations are then developed using these Naturally Active Ingredients.

Clinical studies and in-house studies are also performed after product formulation to validate the safety and efficacy of the products and in ensuring the look, feel and smell of all Aveeno products.

Types of Aveeno products:

Hand Care
Hair Care
Skin Care
Bath & Body Supplies

Aveeno products for various kinds of skin needs: Aveeno Dry Sensitive: for people with dry, eczema-prone skin. Aveeno Daily Moisture: clinically proven to significantly improve dry skin in 14 days. Aveeno Skin Relief: for uncomfortable skin, clinically proven to moisturises skin for 24 hours

“The betterment of human life can best be accomplished through the use of the principles and procedures of science...indeed, yesterday’s miracles can now be explained by today’s science. And, in turn, today’s science will generate tomorrow’s miracles”.

— Albert Musher, Founder of Aveeno

Aveeno products utilizes the knowledge of science to make products that will help the skin! Just look at its brand ambassador, Jennifer Anniston. She still has that flawless skin back from the days when she was starring in the still best loved TV series Friends, which ended 12 years ago.

Top Aveeno products

Here are a few Aveeno products that have proved to be effective and well-loved by many consumers.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion – comes in 200ml & 300ml packs. A lotion that is formulated with naturally active colloidal oatmeal, is also clinically proven to significantly improve the condition of dry skin in just 2 weeks. This fast absorbing and fragrance-free lotion will keep your skin moisturised for 24 hours (no need to always reapply). Best to apply after shower or bath. This lotion is neither greasy nor sticky once applied, no surface residue is left on the skin. Beautifully kind to sensitive skin, this lotion has helped many to improve their skin.

Aveeno Cream – comes in 100ml tube, 300ml & 500ml pump dispenser. A cream formulated with active colloidal oatmeal, this fragrance-free cream has also proven to restore the skin's natural barrier. This gentle cream is even suitable for babies who are 3 months old. Made specially for people prone to eczema, this cream will nourish and moisturises the skin, leaving a soft and gentle feel, just like baby’s skin.

Oatmeal baths have long been recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin conditions, as this natural ingredient is good at providing a soothing effect and improve the skins protective barrier. However, oatmeal baths TBH are a bit high maintenance, but worry-not as Aveeno has make it possible for all to enjoy the natural goodness of nature. Just browse at through Aveeno products at iprice Singapore and pick one or two that will help you have better skin. Besides Aveeno products, you can also find a wide variety of Lotions and Moisturizers at iprice Singapore. You are the only person that can care for your skin, with the right products, flawless skin is just a swap of cream on the skin away!

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