Aztech Singapore is an ever growing company with an international reach to its neighbouring nations. Aztech has a host of electrical solutions in a form of their products for every home, from networking to kitchen appliances, they have got you covered.


Aztech Singapore, providing you with greater electronic solutions.

About Aztech Singapore

Aztech is a Singaporean company that we would most likely know it best for their home networking produdcts, among other things. Aztech is internationally involved in several key elements in the electronics sector. They are namely involved in electronics design and manufacturing, LED lightings, material supplying, marine logistics, and food supply. However, among the famous networking products, Aztech also has other consumer products in the market today such as an automated vacuum cleaner, as well as a bread making machine.

Aztech Singapore's corporate history

Incorporated in 1986 and listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange, Aztech also has its headquarters located in Singapore. In their international expansion, they have support offices located in the USA, Germany, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and UAE.

Besides only having offices in other countries besides their Singapore, Aztech owns a plant in China that manufacturers their electronics and also for their plastics injection moulding that comes equipped with only the latest and most efficient manufacturing equipment. Their high standards and fantastic engineering capabilities bring nothing but only the best of quality and the best in value to customers.

The 20 or so years of experience in designing and manufacturing of products by Aztech's research and development centers have ensured that the electrical solutions of Aztech is always up to date and ready to meet the needs of today's consumers.

Aztech Singapore's electrical daily solutions

Aztech produces all sorts of electrical products that help us in our homes to make our daily activities more convenient. They have a variety of different product categories, ranging from kitchen & dining appliances to networking devices for our connectivity options.

Aztech Networking products

In this day and age, we are all connected to something - namely the Internet. Whenever we are disconnected, we will automatically start to feel a wee bit distant from a lot of things. It is almost at the top of eeryone's priority to constantly stay connected. Aztech's networking solutions for our homes are the ideal choice for maintaining that connection.

The Aztech Smart Link Homeplug is probably one of the most intuitive products ever made to further strengthen your internet connection in your home. It is a common issue in our homes to have our Internet modem or router to be in a different room or different floor further away from our connected devices. And as we all know, the further the Internet modem and router from our devices, the less reliable the connection.

When using the Aztech Smart Link Homeplug, you are basically able to passthrough the Internet through your powerlines. It works like this: You plug in an Aztech Smart Link Homeplug into a power socket and connect your Internet modem or router to it - then turn it on. Place the second Aztech Smart Link Homeplug Unit wherever you wish to (preferably near the devices you mostly use the Internet with) and connect it to your device via another cable. What this does is that it uses your home's powerline structure as a network in which data is passed through from one Homeplug into the other.

The higher-end version of the Aztech Smart Link Homeplug can transfer up to 1200Mbps of data for a reliable connection wherever you are at home! The benefits of using a Homeplug is also to avoid all the messy internet wires everywhere, on the wall, on the floor. With the Homeplug, your home can stay neat and you can stay connected.

Aztech Home, Kitchen & Dining appliances

Aztech's kitchen & dining appliances help to make our food preparation a little bit easier - say good bye to the manual ways and hello to the future of food preparation. Don't just say good bye to manual food preparation though, say good bye to manual vacuuming too, as Aztech packs a little smart robotic vacuum cleaner too!

Smart Robotic Vacuum CLeaner VC3000
Really, just put your old school vacuum cleaner back and get the Aztech smart robotic vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is able to clean most floor types plus the ability to schedule a cleaning 24/7, so you do not need to busy yourself with turning it on every time. For better cleaning, the vacuum cleaner also has a two-way UV sterilization and a HEPA filter. Its auto-adjusting height also makes sure that it will easily go over thickcarpets. Its built in sensors also ensure that the robotic vacuum cleaner will not go over edges and tumble to its doom, instead it will turn around and continue vacuuming the rest of the room.
Aztech ASF40C 16" Stand Fan
The heat catching up with you? Beat it - beat the heat with the Aztech 16" stand fan. Powered with a 100% copper motor with protection to prevent motor overheating, this fan will be up for a long time keeping you cooled at all times. This fan is also suitable for many different environmental setups with different fan blowing modes of Normal, Natural, and Sleeping. It also comes with a remote controller so you can just lounge all day at the chair while you cool off!
Aztech Bread Maker ABM750
Bread lovers rejoice! There are a lot of different types of bread out there, but it is more often than not that when we get to them, they aren't all that fresh. So what do we do? Well, the Aztech bread maker is here to bring that freshly baked bread right into your kitchen. The bread maker enables you to make yourself the perfect load of bread with a toss of ingredients and presses of a few buttons!
Aztech Soup Maker ASM800
Sauces and soups are now available to everyone to make in three simple steps with Aztech's soup maker. It's 1.7 liter capacity enables you to make soup enough for a few persons and gives you the options to make different types of sauces and soups; whether you want them smooth or chunky.