Never compromise your baby’s safety for style. With baby hair accessories, you can ensure your little one’s well-being without sacrificing their stylishness.

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Styling and Organizing Baby Hair Accessories in Singapore

Babies are basically just tiny humans. Parents tend to dress them up based on their own personal styles and preferences. Other than clothing, parents use cute accessories to elevate their child’s look to the next level. Since babies are not recommended to be wearing jewelry, parents would find other alternatives to accessorize them.

Hair accessories can be a great way to complete your child’s outfit without putting them in the possibility of getting allergic reactions or choking hazard. Accessories like baby headbands, hats, bandanas, hair bands, hair barrettes, clips, and bows can turn cute babies to even cuter little angels.

Baby hair accessories come in a variety of materials but mainly tulle, satin, velvet, or grosgrain ribbon. Many accessories are embellished with additional materials like rhinestones, feathers, flowers, sequins, or beads. Just make sure these embellishments are tightly secured to the accessories.

Styling Baby Hair Accessories

Baby hair accessories, depending on their style and patterns, can be styled in all kinds of ways. Your little one can wear hair accessories for a casual stroll around the park or for a playdate and birthday parties. Mommies can even create their own matching headbands, made from the same fabric and materials.

If you’re not sure where to begin, try colour coding and matching the hair accessories with the colour scheme of the outfit. Accessories with bright colours like pink, purple, yellow, and green can always be matched with neutral colours like black and white. This is a great way to bring flair to plain, neutral outfits.

For parties and playdates, you can dress your baby up with a slightly more extravagant hair accessory like the flower crown or tiara headband, fitting for all little princesses. The styling choices are endless when it comes to accessorizing your child with hair ornaments.

Organizing Baby Hair Accessories

If you enjoy sorting out your jewellery and other trinkets in unique display cases, you can use this passion to creatively organize your baby’s hair accessories. You can revamp unused household items and turn them into an accessories organizer that fits your baby’s lively personalities.

Take a neglected picture frame and paint it with bright, festive colours. Then, you can attach a corkboard-like material to hang bandanas inside the frame. If that’s not enough, attach hooks underneath using super glue to hang extra items.

Another DIY project you can do to display baby hair accessories is by turning your shoe organizer into a hanging accessory display compartment. You can even use empty boxes and Tupperware for a more minimalist approach and to save storage space. Store these boxes inside your child’s closet or inside their vanity drawers.

Whether you prefer clip-ins or Velcro accessories for your baby, you can always be sure that you’re not sacrificing their health for styling sake. Shop for other baby clothes like sweaters, skirts, and dresses to complete your baby’s daily look. You can also get great discounts and offers if you shop with us here on iPrice.