It is essential to keep your baby warm during the winter with baby jackets in Singapore. Read about everything you need to know about purchasing it below!

Bbay Jacket or snowsuit?


Everything you need to know about purchasing baby jackets

Keeping your little one warm is very important as they cannot regulate temperature as well as an older child or an adult. Bundling your baby in winter clothing can ensure that he or she is kept warm. With so many styles and weights to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on the right one. Here is everything you need to know about purchasing baby jackets.

Baby jackets or snowsuit?

Being the warmest clothing options for a baby, snowsuits are made of materials that help to retain heat. However, it may be slightly problematic when it comes to having your baby’s diaper changed. On the other hand, baby jackets are less bulky and can be easily taken on and off. It also comes down to the activity that will be carried out. So if it is a quick outing, a baby jacket will be suitable. Alternatively, the snowsuit will be ideal for extended outdoor activities.

Weight of the garment

While snowsuits can be very warm, it may be an uncomfortable experience for your baby due to the weight of it. Furthermore, it also restricts the movement of your baby especially when he or she is out walking. It is advisable to purchase a jacket with a removable lining that suits to weather variations.

Types of closures

If you are planning to purchase a baby jacket online, make sure to read the description to learn about the type of closure it has. The most common types of jacket closures are zips, snaps or Velcro. Zips tend to be difficult to grasp particularly if you were to be wearing gloves, so it is better to opt for snaps or Velcro. Make sure to look out for closures that are easier for a toddler to handle so that they can practice putting on their jackets by themselves.


It would be recommended to purchase the jackets a size bigger as babies grow so much within a year. This is so that you do not have to continuously purchase a new jacket when they grow out of it. However, you want to make sure that the size is not overly big until it restricts the movement of your child. Choose the sizes accordingly as your little one may be wearing clothing underneath as well.


If you wish to purchase a thick parka or bulky snowsuit, avoid overheating your baby by only adding thin layers of clothing under the jacket. Additionally, you may top the jacket with another thin layer of garment so that it provides enough warmth without making your baby sweat. Always ensure that your toddlers do not need to be overdressed and only dress them sufficiently so that they feel comfortable in the cold weather.

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