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Baby Mittens

Everything you need to know about baby mittens

Babies tend to wiggle a lot as they are at the age where they are learning to explore. However, at times they might accidentally injure themselves with their sharp fingernails. This is where the importance of wearing a mitten comes in. While most baby mittens serve the purpose of preventing the baby from injuring themselves, it is also an essential during colder weather. Here are a few things you need to know about them.

Types of baby mittens

Teething mittens

Used as an alternative for teething toys, the mitten provides an easy method for pain relief while the baby is teething. Typically, the teething mittens are made with a textured flexible-silicone surface to better aid in the relief of aching gums. Not only are the teething mittens great for pain relief but it protects the baby’s hands from excess saliva and chewing.

Anti-scratch mittens

A baby’s fingernails tend to be difficult to trim as they are so small that it may get injured in the process. Moreover, a baby’s fingernails grow so quickly that it might be impossible to keep them short at all times. Thus, the anti-scratch mittens are intended to protect the baby’s face from his or her fingernails. Most anti-scratch mittens are made of soft, breathable material so that your baby will feel the utmost comfort when putting them on.

Winter mittens

Keeping your newborn warm is very important as they tend to not regulate body temperature very well compared to older children. Therefore, the winter mittens are a must during colder weathers. These types of mittens usually have a thumb hole to ideally allow the baby to grasp things, at the same time, keeping their little fingers warm.

Types of baby mittens closures

Elastic mitten closures

These are the most common types of closures for mittens as it easy to slip on the baby’s hand. However, they are most likely the easiest to slip off. Therefore, only purchase these kinds of mittens for babies who are on the huskier side.

Drawstring mitten closures

The mittens with the drawstring closure are preferred by many parents as they are adjustable. On the downside, they can be slightly difficult to put them on as there are chances of the baby’s fingers getting caught in the strings located inside the mittens.

Hook and loop closures

These types of closures are not very common but there are certain companies who do make them. Similar to drawstrings, they are adjustable and much easier to use.

Types of material used to make mittens

A variety of materials are used to make baby mittens, but the most common materials are wool, cotton, fleece, and polyester. It is best to choose the baby mittens with these materials to ensure that your baby’s hands are kept at the right temperature.

You can match your baby’s mittens with other adorable clothing such as hats, socks, sweaters and many more.