Just like adults, babies need a chic and comfy pair of pants, too. Since babies are still so fragile and vulnerable, picking the right type of pants with the right kind of fabric is crucial. Read all about how to choose the perfect baby pants by clicking here.


How to Buy the Perfect Baby Pants in Singapore

Babies and toddlers love to move and run around. Besides, improving the motor skills during infancy is crucial and you don’t want anything to slow down your child’s development. You need to pick the right pair of pants that are comfortable and flexible enough for the movements of your little one. Other than functionality, don’t just throw on a pair of a basic onesie on your child. Choose something that is fashionable and would represent who your little one is.

It’s easy to get distracted with all the cute designs and decoration on a pair of baby pants, but always remember the following tips when buying a new pair of baby pants so you won’t regret anything.

  • Prioritize safety – Avoid pants with buttons, ribbons, bows, or any other choking hazard. Make sure all the accent pieces are attached firmly or just take them off all together for the sake of your baby’s safety.
  • Shop based on weight – Sizing for babies does not differ from sizing for adults. It is better to choose baby pants based on weight rather than age. This way, your baby can comfortably wear the pants longer past the brand’s age recommendation. Also, choose one size ahead of your baby’s age because babies grow very rapidly.
  • Keep it easy – Any parent would agree changing a baby’s diaper can sometimes be a tedious chore. That’s why it’s important to choose a pair of pants with easy access for the little one. Choose stretchy, elastic pants with snaps or zippers in the front of the crotch area.
  • Select the right materials – Limit pants with pleats, tulle, or other decorations that could give your baby a rash. Other than that, also pick baby pants that are machine washable to lessen the time and energy usually used in hand-washing or ironing baby pants.
  • Dress for any weather and occasion – Pick a pair of pants that can be worn for any events and weather so you don’t have to buy extra clothing. Choose pants that can be layered for the winter and worn by itself in the warmer months. Additionally, buy pants that can be worn casually or to your baby’s semi-formal event.
  • Mix it up – Switch up your baby’s outfits with a combination of cheaper labels shirt and some branded pants. Don’t be afraid to also accept good quality hand me downs or shop at a secondhand store.
  • Follow the trends – It’s okay to follow the trends once in a while. While safety is surely the priority, there’s nothing wrong with dressing up your little one with the latest baby fashion trends. Perhaps dress them in a way that the parents would dress, or even take it up a notch by matching the clothes with your clothes.

With the tips above, now any parents, new or experienced, can easily shop through any of the online shops in Singapore for the right kind of baby pants. Check out other types of baby clothing from hats, jackets, sweaters and tops to pair with your baby pants.