Keep your toddler warm with the best of baby sweaters in Singapore. Not sure how to choose baby sweaters? Cute, adorable, and comfortable, these sweaters would look lovely with your toddler's wardrobe. Here are three simple steps.


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Nike Baby sweatsuits S$ 115.78 YOOX
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Nike Baby sweatsuits S$ 106.25 YOOX
Nike Baby sweatsuits S$ 106.25 YOOX
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Nike Baby sweatsuits S$ 85.81 YOOX
Nike Baby sweatsuits S$ 85.81 YOOX
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Nike Baby sweatsuits

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Three steps to choosing your baby sweaters

Babies are the cutest things in the world! As small people, they resemble their parents, only cuter. Chubby, cheerful, and without a care in the world, babies are the epitome of life before responsibilities. It is vital for us, as parents to care for our little ones. One way to care for them is to keep them warm. We can easily do this by fitting a baby sweater on them. Baby sweaters, just like adult sweaters, keep the child warm and cozy when the temperature goes down.

For us in Singapore, our weather may not be cold, but we still need to keep our little one’s body temperature steady. Going into air-conditioned areas could make your child feel cold and exposes him/her to illness. Let’s look at some of the steps we can take to choose our baby sweaters.

Choose a material

The first step to choosing any piece of baby clothing is to look at its material. As babies don’t have a sense of fashion, we want them to be comfortable in whatever they wear. As a start, cotton and wool make the perfect option for comfort and warmth. Slip your toddler in a knitted cardigan and you can be sure he’ll be nice and cozy. Linen also can be a good material to look for. Linen allows for a stretchable attire as compared with wool.

Choose a brand

Next, choose a brand. There are many brands in the clothing market, but not all make baby sweaters. Go for quality. Choose a brand that is known to have a baby clothing line-up. Brands such as Guess, Bonnie Baby, Moschino Baby, and Armani Baby are all considered the premium range of baby brands. If you are on a tight budget, don’t start with these. Instead, go for brands that are more affordable such as babyHealthy, Elsy Baby, Newborn, and TCH Baby. Remember to prioritize your child’s comfort above all.

Choose a size

This next step is a crucial part in choosing a baby sweater. When it comes to choosing a size, remember that your child is constantly growing. This means that he/she will not be using the sweater for long. Some children grow so fast, you only have a month or so before they outgrow their clothes. Due to this, choose a size that accommodates the child’s growth.

One way to do this would be to choose a sleeve size that is longer than the baby’s hand length. You could always fold it up if it is too long. Also look for one with a hoodie or a pop-up collar to protect your toddler’s neck and head from the rain, the wind, and cold temperatures. You also want to make sure the sweater has cuffs at the end of the sleeves. This will prevent body heat from escaping unnecessarily.

Now that you know how to choose your baby’s sweaters, you can go ahead and shop for your toddler’s bodysuits, bottoms, jeans, pyjamas and much more with the wide selections above. Happy shopping!